4 Sex Stereotypes You Need to Dispel!

No matter how much we keep learning about the joys and pleasure of sex; there is still plenty of stigma hanging around it. Unfortunately, poor sex education at schools and taking some sexual concepts for granted are ruining your chance to have mind-blowing sex.

When we talk about understand sex, where does it all go wrong?

Well, despite the ongoing debate on how we define sex or what it represents; most theories we’ve been served are already outdated.

Read on as we dispel 4 sex stereotypes that are holding you back from the way you perceive and practice sex.

1. It Is Not Just Sex

Oftentimes, our first image of sex goes straight to penetration and nothing more. But, to those who love the art of lovemaking, sex is so much more than a put-and-pull action. In fact, if you really want to enjoy penetrative sex, how about prolonging your foreplay game? Touching, teasing, massaging, and stimulating during foreplay all contribute to higher sexual pleasure; so instead of anticipating penetration, allow it to be the cherry on top of a raunchy adventure.

2. Sex Stereotypes: Arousal & Orgasms Don't Always Happen!

Even though we believe that having sex automatically means being more aroused or orgasm-oriented; many factors can interfere with this idea. Everything from exposure to stress and not enough excitement prior to penetration can be a buzzkill to your sexual drive. As a result, you might find yourself unable to orgasm or properly savor the experience.

3. Masturbation Helps You Learn!

Masturbation is not only an essential practice that keeps you physically and emotionally fit. Even more, masturbating can be done in many different ways, all intended to make your solo sessions feel like heaven. In years, your style of masturbating might have changed, and that is a good sign; as you learn new ways to pleasure yourself and find erotic fulfillment.

4. Sex Stereotypes: Men Want It More!

It is high time we drop the idea that men enjoy having sex more than women, as it is simply not true. Yes, women are less outspoken about sex than men; but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy giving blowjobs or masturbating when alone. The truth is, women love the idea of having sultry, steamy sex. The fact that women won’t outright say or ask for sex doesn’t take away from their arousal; so drop the presumption that you want it more than her and simply learn how to read her body.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/caseygueren/19-things-you-should-have-learned-in-sex-ed-but-didnt

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