5 Key Traits of Sexually Confident Men!

Genuine sexual confidence is not a simple thing to acquire, and it can require a bit of patience, experience, and practice. That said, for women, nothing seems to be more appealing than a man who knows his way in bed. Carrying yourself like a great gentleman and a great lover means adopting and practicing a mix of traits that all sexually empowered men do.

Read on, as we discuss the 5 essential habits that will infuse your sexuality with confidence and assurance.  

1. Great Manners!

There is no such thing as sexual confidence without some good manners. For women, seduction begins with kindness, respect, complimenting, and intriguing flirtation. On the opposite side, what you’d want to steer clear from is judgment, reservation, and shyness. Paying your date a compliment or making sure she’s enjoying sex as much as you are will direct you on the right path of a great date. That alone will then help you become more confident as a man and a lover.

2. A Friendly Attitude!

A sexually confident man knows how to be friendly and socialize with women. Confidence and cockiness are not the same, so leave any unnecessary or touchy topics of discussion at home. Instead of sass and sarcasm, flash a few smiles, chat more, and use your charisma to swipe your date off her feet.

3. An Open Mind!

One of the reasons some men are more confident during sex than others is their will to try new things. Sex is a game of lust, pleasure exploration, so being narrow-minded and reserved won’t do much for your confidence. Instead, try to keep an open mind and find a way to relax and mingle with ease.

4. Honesty!

Honesty is a very subjective trait to discuss, but in sex, it might be an essential one to have. Being honest in sex and otherwise will help you gain the confidence to have even the trickiest discussions with your woman. It doesn’t come easy, honesty, but it is a healthy habit to adopt. Sharing with your partner and allowing her to pick your brain on sex and other topics will let you loosen up and clear the way to your ultimate sexual experience.

5. Discretion!

Sexually confident men know that boasting can only hurt their relationship. Discussing your sex life with your friends is okay as long as you don’t get into details or expose your partner or date. Keeping your sexual encounters private will help you become more secure with who you are as a lover when you have no one to prove yourself to.

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