5 Rules for a Safe Outcall Escort Dating!

Dating a professional escort is a completely pleasurable and discrete experience. As such, it comes with a few regulations that both clients and escorts should follow. Especially if it regards outcall bookings, which take place at a booked hotel room or your home; you can expect your escort to take several safety measures to ensure a private and enjoyable date for both.

In that same manner, there are several aspects to consider when booking an outcall escort date, and we discuss them all below.

Providing an Address

While an escort doesn’t have to provide with a location, as a client, you should provide your address to your escort agency. The reason for this is simple- to meet your escort, she’ll have to know where to go. If you feel hesitant about giving your home address; you can always have your date at a hotel room and invite your escort to visit you there. Aside from address, you should also provide a contact number to your agency; which, again, helps your reach out more easily.

Someone You Trust

Escort dates make a fine way to spend your free time and do so under maximum discretion While you don’t have to let yourself known to your friends or co-workers; it is always advised at least one person knows your whereabouts, even if they don’t know your activities. The same goes for your escort; who will certainly let someone know where and when she is meeting a client, all of which helps protect your safety and discretion even further.

Two-Girl Experiences

If you have booked a two-girl fantasy outcall date, it means you’ll have two stunning escorts to welcome. Should that be too crowded for your liking, ask your escorts to arrive separately at your house or hotel room.

Visual Check

To ensure you and your escort date have not been spotted on accident, you can:

Cash First

For the smoothest escort outcall, ensure you always, always pay your date once meeting her. All clients should pay for their date in full before proceeding with the date. Therefore, leave any complains and bargains for your escort agency and be a gentleman enough to pay up your escort and tip her well once the date concludes. Yes, even if you are a regular.

Source: http://www.theorganisedescortblog.com/2020/02/02/incall-safety-steps-you-should-take/

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