5 Sexy Moves Women Secretly Want You to Try in Bed!

There is plenty to be said about the art of lovemaking and sex. Although seemingly simple, giving and receiving sexual pleasure is a complex blend of attention, teasing and pulling just the right sexy moves. Whether you are an experienced lover or an eager learner, there are countless ways to up your bedroom performance.

And while women might not be as outspoken about what they want you to do in bed, there are a few things they secretly hope you’ll do. Here are 5 of them.

1. Sexy Moves Play with Lingerie!

The naked female body will always be a great revelation for men. However, keep in mind that just as important as nakedness is, so is the road of getting there. Lingerie and sexy underwear play a significant part in creating a sexy vibe in bed so don’t just take it all off at once. Play with it, use it as a prop, tease your woman until she wants it all gone.

2. Adding Layers for Extended Pleasure!

Sometimes, just working your fingers or mouth won’t do enough for your woman’s orgasm. Instead, you need to create a combination of motion and layers of pleasure. This can be done by simultaneously using several techniques to arouse your partner: fingers, tongue, lips, teeth, props, and toys- the more the merrier!

3. Dirty Talking Works!

Most women won’t admit they love dirty talking during sex, but they sure want you to be courageous enough to try it. Of course, start small and throw some sassy compliments at her. Is she a naughty girl? Is she very, very bad? Let her know, she’ll love to hear it! In doing so, keep your vocabulary classy and balanced, so you don’t come off as offensive. 

4. Sexy Moves: Take Control from Time to Time!

No matter if you are dating off-the-hook or have a long-term partner, taking charge during sex is a great way to go. It may sound like the oldest cliché in the books, but swiping your woman off her feet by pressing her against the wall or controlling her pleasure always leaves room for a more sexual thrill.

5. Focus on Temptation and Teasing!

 Finally, use foreplay as a tool to create greater temptation and anticipation. Women don’t like every ounce of sexual pleasure served to them, they sometimes want to earn it. At the end of the day, the more you tease and tempt her, the more you’ll boost her desire for you.

Source: https://www.yourtango.com/2012132783/5-more-sex-moves-women-love-are-afraid-ask

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