5 Unique Experiences to Enjoy with an Escort Date!

Clients who date escorts on the regular are always on the lookout for that next unique experience to take on. Whether you need some innovation in your dating life or just want to spice things up for you and your escort; Here are 5 great first-date ideas that are anything but traditional.

Attend a Sports Game

Who’s to say that escorts and sports don’t go hand in hand? Be it a tennis tournament, a national sports competition; or a regular Premier League game; attending a sports show is always a suitable date idea and is packed with just enough dynamics and energy to keep your date engaging and thrilling. Of course, if you are unable to attend a real game due to physical restrictions; you can always opt for a virtual experience that can be just as fulfilling.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting exists in many shapes and forms; but visiting a real-life winery (the older the better) along with your escort and experience a completely different approach to classy wine tasting and dining. At wineries, not only will you receive a palette of wines and suitable snacks to choose from; you will also learn a bit of history about the place and the wine-making process.

See a Comedy Show

The fastest way to uplift your mood and energy when with an escort; apart from her company, is to book tickets for two to a comedy show. With humour in the picture, you can relax much easier; and let your mind wander whilst you are sharing the positive experience with your gorgeous date. Plus, you can head to dinner right after your show ends and keep the good vibe going for the rest of the evening.

Attend a Burlesque Show

One of the most original experiences you can book with an escort is a burlesque show. Unlike a stripping show or a strip club; burlesque performers are far more mysterious, enigmatic, and provocative and keep the sexual tension alive and kicking whilst not revealing too much. For you and your escort, this can be the perfect intro to a steamy outcall date or an overnight stay. Buckle up for some passion and teasing and then, let that sweet tension translate to your date.

Themed Festivals

Be it a street food event, an artistic street show or a local band playing out in the open, themed festivals are always an authentic date idea that your escort will love.
Even if your city does not offer any upcoming show on their repertoire; you can explore nearby city locations for more options or book a graffiti or ancient architecture tour that will be just as themed and fulfilling as an experience.

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