FAQ - Yorkshire Escorts

Q. How to book a Yorkshire VIP escort for a date? 
Once you choose your preferred date or dates, give our agency a call and make sure you make a booking request. You will be asked to provide some information about yourself, to make sure the booking is formal. 

Q. Which additional information do I need to provide to the Yorkshire agency?
If you are making an outcall date, you will need to give us your contact number, your full name, the details of your chosen hotel as well as the time and date of your meeting. Pre-bookings are handled by you calling our agency and letting us know the specifics once more. Finally, home dates will require you to provide your full name, contact number and the details of your date to the agency. 

Q. How is cancellation managed by the Yorkshire agency?
When your date cancels, you will be informed of this development and will be offered a replacement. In case you cancel your meeting, you will need to call our agency in advance and let us know. 

Q. Is booking a date at the Yorkshire agency a law violation? Is this process illegal? 
Booking a date at the Yorkshire or our other agencies is not a violation of the law. In fact, paying for someone to keep you company is legal, as long as your date is of age. As Yorkshire's escorts are all adults, you are good to go and have nothing to fear legally-wise. 

Q. How does payment work at the Yorkshire escort agency?
You can choose a few different payment methods, but the most practical is to pay your escort at the hotel of your preference. Our escorts are instructed to count their money before continuing the date, so please be kind and considerate to our girls. 

Q. What does the Yorkshire escort privacy policy provide?
When you book a date at our agency, you are entitled to full discretion and privacy, without any chance of exposure. We offer high-quality client service, and making sure your information is intact is very important to us. The only reason we ask for your extra information is to ensure the safety of our dates.
Q. Are there various packages to choose from at the Yorkshire escort agency?
Our agency has designed a bunch of options and dating packages you will find fitting. To learn more about our selection of escorts and the services we offer, please call us or visit the Yorkshire escort page. 

Q. What else should I know about my date?
Make sure that you always pay your escort at the hotel, before proceeding elsewhere for your date. Also, know that negotiations on prices are not allowed, as our agency maintains fixed prices for the respective dates. To learn all prices, call our agency or visit the Yorkshire escort page.