4 Things No Escort Wants to Hear!

When booking an escort date, every client has to be familiar with the policies of dating a professional companion and the etiquette that comes with it. In terms of how to behave with your escorts, there are several important aspects clients need to focus on. When it comes to implementing the right manners and etiquette on an escort date, there are a few things as well as behaviours that clients need to avoid.

Remember, escorts are professionals and are not there to put up with clients who care more about making their escort feel uncomfortable than having a superb date.

To set you straight, here are 4 things no escort wants to hear from a client.


The first thing no escort wants to hear is being compared with other escorts or their services. All escorts have a special factor that makes them who they are. Sometimes, clients who will switch between escort dates and experiment will find one escort’s personality or service more suitable than another’s. Even so, clients should not compare their escorts out loud or demand they change their service based on what another escort did. If there’s an escort you like, it’s far better to meet her than to expect the same service from an escort who just does things differently and makes it known.


Another caution to keep in mind when dating an escort is not to be judgmental towards her. From the way she does her service to the nature of her profession, judgment should never be a topic of discussion. Many clients allow themselves to criticize an escort they meet up with, whether it is due to the way they earn their money or the fact that they meet more than one client for a date. Either way, if you are the one to mind the way the escort world works, why book a date in the first place?


Escorts do not like clients who are too pushy or demand private information from their escort. From wanting to learn their real name to learning their address, and asking for their phone number, these things are simply not allowed in escort dating. The idea of the date is to be safe, discrete, and pleasurable, and offering your escort a ride or wanting to see her outside your booking will not pass.


Bargaining can oftentimes happen in escort dating and it never ends on a good note. The rules are simple – the client knows the fee, is ready to pay it, pays it upon meeting the escort, and that’s it. There’s no room for bargaining, trying to reduce the cost, or demanding a refund – none.

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