5 Things an Escort Would Love to See in a Client!

Like clients have their own ideas of what an escort companion should look or behave like, escorts, too, appreciate certain things about their clients. Clients usually go for the full escort package - the brains, the beauty, the behaviour, the bold performance and so on. Yet, when it comes to what escorts love about their clients, you’ll find no great difference in the things professional companions appreciate in a date.

Let’s give you an idea of what escorts consider to be a through-and-through client, shall we?


Escorts love clients who allow them to be themselves and who are not afraid to talk, socialize and open up. Availability by the client is an impeccable way for an escort to be sure that the client is open to enjoy the date and the service in full. On the flip side, if the client shows reservations or keeps nitpicking, an escort won’t be able to tailor the service the way he wants her to.

A Surprise

Escorts love a client that knows how to surprise and be different from the rest. Not that there is a specific way to be surprising, but clients who take the extra step in impressing their escort will always earn extra points for being a gentleman and for being truly dedicated to the date. A surprise can be anything from taking your escort somewhere new, experiencing something for the first time together, or even bringing her something special.

To Reciprocate

Clients who can take a hint and who can follow their escort’s lead - for their better date of course - will find a much more satisfying service and will make their escort more pleased with the service she provided. Reciprocating can be tricky at first, especially for newbies in the dating game, but enjoying the ride and learning as you go will do the trick for sure.

Equal Treatment

Though you will be dating an escort, and that is true, it is also true that you shouldn’t treat her as a professional. Of course, she will deliver the service she promised and all, however, she will always feel better and more relaxed knowing that you are not putting her in the ‘escort category’ only and that you don’t forget that she has feelings and moods, too.

Privacy Considerations

It is not just an escort’s job to mind a client’s privacy - the same thing applies vice versa. Therefore, as much as your escort tries to keep your booking under the radar and discrete, you also need to take necessary measures to enhance the safety of your date.

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