6 Rules for Your First Date at Escort Centre VIP!

Calling all gentlemen in need of sublime escort company to come and explore what the Yorkshire VIP escort centre has to offer! With a mesmerizing escort selection and a range of escort services to boost your experience more, clients can date out of the ordinary with any escort on our roster.
Whether a first-timer, a returning client or a frequenter in town, knowing your way around an escort is important as well, so to ensure your date goes seamlessly, here are the 6 commandments when booking a Yorkshire VIP escort date.


Just because you have your eye on a particular Yorkshire escort, it doesn’t mean she will be the suitable choice for you. Therefore, it is essential you explore all of your options and read our Yorkshire blog to learn more about our services, dates, and the overall booking process.

Late is Dead

Being late is the ultimate sin to do on your escort date, as you are losing precious moments with your escort, and chances are, she won’t be able to make up for lost time as she has other appointments to tend to. You can expect your Yorkshire escort to always arrive on time, so be a proper gentleman and return the favour.

Keep it Discreet

Clients are very wary of their privacy when dating Yorkshire escorts, but so are their dates. That said, as protective you are of your privacy, know that your escort is as well, so avoid mentioning her services to anyone, bragging, or risking exposing the nature of your date.

Leave at Your Own Pace

With escorts, the need to spoon or cuddle after your date is done is sometimes redundant. If parting ways tires you out, you are welcome to leave when you desire, and without having to explain yourself, Our Yorkshire escorts will respect your decision to leave your date right after it finishes, and won’t hold any grudges towards you but will be ever-understanding instead.


Many clients assume that once with an escort, she should take control over the date and impress the client. Whilst that is true to a degree, in order to create chemistry and a bond, clients have to contribute as well meaning they have to communicate their desires with the escort and reciprocate when intimate.

The Tip

Whilst paying your escort should be done before the date begins, tipping is meant for after your date is finished. Did you enjoy spending time with a Yorkshire escort? Feel free to make it known, both verbally and by leaving her a nice tip somewhere she can find it.

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