Choosing the Perfect Escort Based on Physical Appearance!

In escort dating, not everything revolves around looks, but for some clients, it is paramount that the escort they choose meets their physical-appeal criteria. Of course, tastes in the ladies vary as every client is different, and the truth is, there is a lot of options to consider when picking between escorts based on their physical appearance. Especially for clients who are looking for an escort to show them off in the right light, physical beauty and curves can be great assets in making that happen.

So, when it comes to choosing an escort based on physical traits – what are the options you’re looking at?

Read on to find out!

1. Bust Size

Ah, the ever-important question of curves – it has thousands of clients going wild with options! Escorts’ busts can vary in shape, size, and well, volume. Based on your personal tastes in cleavages, you can go for a bustier escort, a moderately gifted lady, or a slimmer babe whose curves fit right into your palm. To ensure you are looking at the right size, explore escort bios to learn the different bust sizes available and have a sneak peek inside pro escort photo galleries to compare different options.

2. Model Size

Next, we have the body type. For many clients, a model-like escort sounds like a dream come true, physical appearance-wise. Model escorts have long existed as an option that clients can prefer, and offer them the chance to stand next to a gorgeous and 90-60-90 body type babe who knows exactly how to put those long legs and lean waist to work.

3. Plus-Size

For clients who want a, mmm, fuller experience, plus-size escorts are the perfect type to go with. Plus-size escorts deliver that special factor that just screams juiciness, raunchiness, and voluptuousness – which is the perfect recipe for clients who enjoy lots of curves and natural beauty at the same time.

4. Age

Another factor that plays into an escort’s physical appearance is their age. Here, clients have many options to consider based on their own age - or the escort’s. That said, you can date mature escorts, cougar escorts, teen (+18) escorts, and every age in between.

5. Origin

Finally, clients can choose their escort based on physical appearance which is then based on their country of origin. For instance, clients who want something new and fresh can date Asian or Indian escorts, or choose ebony escorts, English escorts, and European dates which can really bring the party to town!

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