How to Have the Raunchiest Hotel Escort Date?

In escort dating, hotels make the ultimate go-to choice for clients. Private, discreet and abundant in options, hotel rooms make a superb choice for your next escort date.

Now, if you had a bit of intimacy in mind, here are a few essential tips to give your hotel room escort encounter the hottest you’ve had. 

1. Hot Furniture

Aside from your bed, hotel furniture makes an interesting option to consider. Most hotels come with comfy sofas or large armchairs to full around in, and if that doesn’t work, you will always have the shower as an option. One thing to remember about hotel furniture is that it attracts lots of different bacteria, so if you do fool around your room, choose a well-recommended and super-clean hotel.

2. Elevate the Fun

And do it in the elevator. It’s true, elevators have always been a fantasy of many men, so why not fulfil this fantasy with an escort? While elevator sex might be out of the question, getting close and personal or making out like teenagers will be spicy enough to get things going. Keep in mind that hotel elevators are under surveillance, so ensure you don’t take your fun overboard.

3. Room Service Caution

On one hand, room service can be great when you want to have dinner or drinks in the comfort of your room. On the other hand, room service can be quite annoying if you don’t hang the ‘DND’ sign at your door. Whether you like the perks of room service or not- that’s up to you. All we are saying is, if you need the privacy, don’t forget to make it noted.

4. Don’t Get Busy the Whole Night

Even if you have a whole night to spare with your favourite escort, you’d want to do other things together, too. Because of that, don’t focus on getting intimate the entire time you are together, but also leave room to have fun, hang out or step outside your hotel for an hour or two.

5. Spare of Clothes

In all fairness, no one wants to end a date on a sweaty note. Aside from taking a shower after your sexy shenanigans, bring a change of clothes to make you more comfortable in the morning. Aside from clothes, if you are spending the night with an escort, you’ll also want to bring a spare toothbrush, unpacked condoms and, of course, all of your favourite toys to play with.

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