How to Safely Explore an Escort Agency?

Clients who are looking to book an escort date usually begin the process by exploring an escort agency and considering their options. Although escort agency websites are a useful way to learn everything about your future date and the services you can use; as a client, you want to ensure maximum discretion when doing so.
If you are especially aware of keeping your online activities under the radar; here are a few ways to ensure you a safe and discrete escort agency browsing.

Cover Your Cam

It might be the cheapest trick in the online privacy book; but covering your PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet cam will help you shield your identity in front of pesky snoopers who care about collecting your personal information. You can use duct tape or a bandaid to cover your cam anytime you explore escort agencies; and prominent dates and rest assured your face won’t end up in a database online.

Browse in Incognito

This is also a practical tip to help you explore escort agencies without being identified. Incognito browsing is used when a client doesn’t want to register to a page but still wants to explore its options and offers. As you won’t be using your active browser; going incognito will prevent the exposure of your passwords, account info, and location.


Some countries do not allow the browsing of escort services. So, if you find yourself in an escort-blocked country but want to book services for your upcoming trip to a country that allows the service, you can use a VPN connection for safer browsing.
A VPN connection can be established in any country worldwide and will ensure none of your data or activities are exposed.

Book through a Designated Email

After finding a date you like, you might want to place a booking immediately. If booking through an email, it might be smart to create a new account designated for escort bookings only. This way, you will protect your business or personal emails from being hacked whilst still being able to make web-incognito bookings.

Delete History

After all is said and done, and after you have explored your escort options and found your match; ensure you check your history and leave no trace of your activities. Even if using incognito mode or a VPN, some information can still linger on in your browser’s history; so make sure you delete all unwanted activity information once your scrolling and exploring is done.

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