How to Spend a Brilliant Virtual Escort Date: All Steps and Tips

There is no secret that many clients love that one escort who can make their heart tick faster. But, when a client is unable to meet the escort in person, there is the option to book a virtual-setting date with a professional of the client's choosing. Of course, this can also be a date with an escort who you haven't met before but has tremendous experience in this service.

Either way, a virtual escort can be just as delightful and sexy as any regular escort date. That said, here are the tips and tricks you'll need to spend the finest virtual date with a VIP escort.

All about the Mood

If you are a shy client, or this is your first time booking a virtual escort date, you might want to keep the lights dimmed for your initial experience. Of course, dimmed lights also set the tone for a more sensual experience, even when you know the escort on the other side of the screen. The screen itself will create just enough light to see all the action, but you can always opt for an extra nightlamp or candles. Aside from lighting, you also want to play discrete music in the background, and of course, tidy up a bit.

Technical Aspects

Since most clients will be having a virtual escort date on camera - although phone services are also in play - there are some technical aspects to consider. For instance, you need a quality camera that is set up at the right height so it portrays the surroundings, and yourself, well. Also, you will need a quality mic and if possible, avoid using a headset - but opt for earbuds instead.

Whatever props you are using during your encounter, ensure you have them at an arm's length, so everything goes smoothly. Finally, turn off your other gadgets and ensure you devote all your time to the escort on your screen.


You will need to know how much time you will spend with the escort in front of the screen. This will help you maximise your efforts and make the most of your date. For instance, if you choose a shorter virtual session, you will need to organise your time well so every moment counts. If you, on the other hand, choose a longer appointment, you can expand the service essence and get more playful.

Keep in mind, ven when you are online with an escort, she still has a schedule to keep up with, so avoid dragging the date for longer than agreed.

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