How Traditional Dating Differs from Dating an Escort

Despite the fact that many clients are looking for an escort date as a replacement to traditional dating, it is anything but. Sure, dating an escort can have the qualities of a real relationship - if you, say, book the GFE as your service - but as a concept, it differs from standard dating - a lot.

Depending on the type of client you are, you might find escort dating to be a nice amusement, and an occasional one. However, there are also clients who'd rather date escorts than immerse themselves in regular dating waters.

Why? Here are the main differences that set traditional and escort dating apart.

No Feelings

It's true, many clients prefer the idea of dating an escort over a regular date due to the no-emotion rule. With escorts, there is no chance that a real romance will ever develop, so clients don't have to dread their dates - or themselves - getting attached to the other person. When there are no feelings, there is less drama and fewer expectations, which gives many clients relief and allows them to focus on the fun side of their date.

No Hard Feelings

Another difference between regular and escort dating is that after all is said and done - the date, that is - the client and the escort can part ways without having hard feelings for leaving things as is. In traditional dating, this might be taken as casual dating or even a booty call, but in escort dating, it is a regular practice. The fact that the client can switch between escorts, services and experiences and not have bad blood with anyone, as a result, is quite comforting of a dating concept.

No Exposure

In regular dating, no discretion is entirely guaranteed, especially if you are an official couple or have been dating for a while. Now, for clients who are hoping for more private and low-key encounters, escort dating fits the description well. Escorts take pride in their discretion-providing skills and put client safety and privacy as their top priority, alongside pleasure.

No Expiration Date

When you date the regular way, there will come a time when you'll either take your dating to the next level and make it official, or you split. The good thing about dating escorts is that there is no expiration date in either of those cases. You don't have to make false promises, cut the cord, burn bridges for no good reason, or leave without closure. With an escort, all is defined from the get-go, and the bookings can be just as fun and fulfilling without having to evolve the relationship.

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