Seeing an Escort: Essential Tips to Doing It Right

When you meet with an escort, there is this need to present yourself in a positive light. Escorts feel great around clients who can be gentlemen and respect them and who understand the factors that make a great date.

Manners and Hygiene

Like salt and pepper, manners and hygiene go hand in hand and one cannot do without them. Keeping yourself groomed, showered and clean will score you major points with the date, and the same goes with treating her kindly. Be polite and respectful, be a gentleman, and always communicate the details to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Keep a Light Tone

Your escort booking is your chance to avoid the stress of everyday life and give in to happiness. So, always approach your escort dates with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure, as well as open midnedness. Avoid drinking too much and steer clear of drugs. Be in the moment and have fun, use your humour to charm the escort and allow yourself a delightful treat.

Read the Reviews

Before you meet the escort you chose for the date, be sure that she is the one for you. Read her services to see if they match your needs. Also, go over her client reviews to get an overall impression of her as a companion. Check her interests, age, hobbies, photos and available hours. And if she ticks all boxes, make the booking.

Pay and Pay

During your escort date, you will need to make at least two forms of payment. One is for the service you book, and the other is for wherever you will do for the date. This can be anything from a hotel room to dinner or lunch at a restaurant, tickets for the movies, entrances to a spa and more.

Tip and Review

If you did have a brilliant time with your escort, make sure you tip her well, and once the date finishes. Tips are not obligatory and paying for the service is still a must, so it's up to you whether you will do it. The escort won't have an issue in case you decide not to tip. Aside from tipping your escort, another thing you can also do for her is to write her a review of the date. Be sure you are respectful and truthful in the review and give a transparent overview of the service she offered. Writing a review might also earn you a discount on future services you book.

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