Wrongful Things about Sex in Pop Culture!

What is sex supposed to feel like, be like and look like? Do we have unrealistic expectations for it? Unfortunately, we live in a culture where all the knowledge on sex exists, and yet, it is being framed as one particular concept. From movies to books and shows, sex is nowadays oftentimes depicted as something narrowed down to a list of expectations. However, the unfortunate part is that most times, sex is nowhere near close to what we see on the big screens or read about.

Here are 5 more wrongful things we have been led to believe about Sex in Pop Culture.

Women and Lingerie!

The idea that women spend all their days wearing lingerie is simply untrue. Of course, we see plenty of sexy lingerie in movies and shows, but more often than not, you’ll see women wear mismatched underwear, cotton panties or no bra. And that is an okay concept to accept, as it is putting on lingerie for special sexy occasions.

Sex in Pop Culture: Perfection!

One of the reasons we love seeing sex in movies and shows is because, there, it always looks perfect. However, that is an undermining way of understanding sex, mostly because things in the bedroom can happen far from perfect. You know, someone steps on someone’s hair, you pinch one another without wanting to and you struggle to get into position…yeah, it’s called reality, and it can be just as enjoyable.

The Emotional Factor!

For some reason, pop culture had us believing that all sexual experiences should trigger a certain emotional value. However, sometimes, sex is nothing more but just sex, and expecting an emotional attachment from it can be quite detrimental. And you know what else? As it turns out, you don’t have to have emotional sex to have great sex. Mhm.

Sex in Pop Culture: Foreplay, What?

On the big screen, no one seems to have the time for sexual foreplay, which is why we figured we didn’t need one. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that, unlike what we see on TV, foreplay plays an essential part in great sex. As the source of pleasure and arousal in both men and women, don’t let anyone tell you that foreplay doesn’t count…because it does.  

The Great Outdoors

Yes, outdoor sex might seem safe, easy to pull off and doable. However, most times, if you are not careful enough, being caught having sex will grant you a nice fine to pay. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should give up exhibition sex for good- all we are saying is, be picky when choosing a public spot.

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