Hot Lover Alert: 5 Signs She Loves It!

Do you consider yourself a committed, indulging lover? dose she love it in the bedroom? For woman, faking it has become part of the process, mostly because they want to avoid hurting the man’s feelings. Or perhaps, it is the fear of asking for what they really want.

Whatever it might be, taking the time to please your partner sexually is more than relevant to the quality of your sex life. And trust me, when your lady is ‘feeling it’, she’ll let you know. Not by speaking words, per se, but by the way she responds to your way of stimulation.

So, how do you know you’re on the right tracks of things, as far as sex is concerned?

Read on below.

Involuntary Noises

One way to tell if you’re partner is happy with your sex game is her vocal expressions. When a woman is excited in all the right ways, she tends to release odd noises of pleasure, which often come naturally.

And while outside the bedroom you’d find them goofy and quirky, between the sheets, these noises are giving you two thumbs up!

Eye Contact - She Love It.

As powerful as eye contact is, women don’t just share it with anyone. In terms of sex, women will likely avoid your eyes, sometimes due to shyness, and sometimes due to disinterest in what you’re doing.

But, when you begin hitting all the right spots, you’ll notice a steady eye contact or at least peek at your ‘business’ down there. Yes, she wants to know exactly how you are doing THAT in a way that feels so good!

Letting Go

If you notice your sex partner transform from a shy petal to a liberated sensual being – keep doing what you’re doing! One way women express sexual pleasure is by surrendering to the erotic force, which, if good, is worth giving up control.

Letting go can be noticed in the way a woman breathes, the intensity of her body responses, as well as her heartbeat. In other words, the shorter all three, the better your performance.

Initiation - She Love It.

When a woman initiates sex, she’s after the thrill you can provide her with. She already knows how you work sex into the bedroom, and you know what? She wants more of it! Therefore, leave your headaches outside your bedroom door and let your lady take you to a place that feels like a slice of sexual heaven.


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