The Little Things Your Escort Will Appreciate You Did

As much as clients want to be sure they chose the best escort and that she makes them feel at ease, escorts, too, want to feel comfortable around a client. To do that you don't have to go above and beyond, just be smart about it and think about the details. Here are a few ways to have your escort appreciate you more as a client.

Her Preferred Payment Method

Before anything else you do ahead of your booking, meet your escort and cover the service accordingly. Don't bargain, don't beat around the bush, and don't be blatant about it. Be discrete, and ask your escort how she prefers to be paid. She might have a paying terminal on her or prefer cash, so if you want an extra token of appreciation, and don't mind it, do it the way she finds more convenient.

Think about a Tip

If you really liked the service the escort provided and would like to show your appreciation, a tip will be the perfect way to thank her. Tips are usually due at the end of the date before you leave and are never given directly. Instead, place the cash - and make sure you have extra cash on you! - nearby, for your escort to collect.

Consider a Gift

Whilst a tip is a preferable option to receiving a gift, a cheerful gift can also be nice every once in a while. But, some escorts are touchy about receiving gifts from clients, so make sure she's alright with you buying her something first. A coupon, a book, flowers, and candles make more neutral gifts you can never go wrong with.

Let Her Have a Say

In many respects, you ought to consider the opinion and ideas of your escort. First off, she knows great places to go out and stay in, so let her make a few suggestions. Or, always allow her to choose her own drink since not many companions drink on the job. Also, many escorts might be vegans or on a diet, so it's wise to let her choose her dishes as well. And finally, intimacy-wise, respect her limitations and boundaries.

Leave a Positive Review

As appreciated as a tip, a nice client review can put a smile on your favourite escort's face. Be detailed about her personality, the way she provided the service, and what you liked. Be fair and honest and don't a bland review just for the sake of writing something. A good client knows how to praise his escort of choice - even anonymously.

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