The Most Unrealistic Sexpectations to Stop Having

Expectations in the bedroom are a dying trend, and it is for everyone's better. Since it is safe to say that we all nurture certain expectations about sex, it is also safe to say that not all those expectations are natural or hold water. Read on as we discuss some of the most unrealistic sex expectations you should never have again.

Everything Will Go According to the Plan

Well, it will and it won't. The truth is, with a new partner or an existing one, things can turn sweet and sour in bed, depending on what's happening between the sheets. And, as we all are aware, sex is a dynamic activity, which means that not everything will always happen as you imagined it. When you have two people trying to please and get pleased, and at the same time shift, move, reach, kiss, touch, and adjust, things can get tangled up. But, the good news is, as soon as you rid yourself of the feeling that you have to be perfect in bed, you'll enjoy the bedroom action more naturally.

Everything Needs to Move at All Times

Sex is often envisioned as a dynamic act, and it is. However, this doesn't mean that you have to go about it full-steam every step of the way. There is no real merit to sex when all you do is compete with your ‘best time' and try to include as much motion in the bedroom as possible. Sometimes, for a smoother and more sophisticated experience, taking things slow should be practised.

I Don't Need Additional Support

Thinking that you alone are enough to make great sex happen is not an outreach but it is also not a fact. One man can only do so much in bed in terms of creativity and innovation, which is why every great lover knows that extras can help enrich the experience. And by extras, think about using sex toys, lots of lube which is a sort of mandatory aid, and other forms of stimulation. Whether you watch an adult movie with a partner, engage in role-play or share a toy, it's up to you - whatever extra help you can use, use it.

A Weak Erection is a Sign of a Problem

It's really not. A loss of an erection or a weaker erection does not indicate that there is a problem with the other partner or you. It can simply be a result of exhaustion, stress, a side-effect of a condition, like the flu, or insufficient arousal. Instead of getting worked up about not being able to get a hard-on, try to either put your fun on hold until you feel better or do something that is more arousing to your senses.

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