Things to Know When Booking a Longer Escort Date!

Longer escort date services usually entail spending the whole day or the majority of it in an escort’s company. The service can be implemented as part of various other services, like the GFE, overnight stays, travel dates, outcalls, and more. A longer date with an escort is quite an ambitious challenge for clients to uphold yet it promises maximum pleasure and a lasting service that keeps on giving.

Before you book a longer escort date experience, however, here are several things to keep in mind first.

Food and Drinks

Regardless of the duration of the date, longer bookings require the escort to consume at least 3 meals over 24 hours. Of course, an escort might be dieting, not consuming certain foods, or refraining from alcohol, yet she will still need to take the time to dine a few times during the day. Keep in mind that whilst the client might be in for snacks and drinks, the escort might require a full meal.

Beauty Sleep

An escort has to have at least six hours of sleep at night. Even if you have booked the GFE or an overnight stay, your date will still need to get her beauty sleep. That said, escorts typically require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep so they can function optimally in the morning and provide their service as agreed. Sharing a bed with an escort might be a part of the service, but should the client or the escort explicitly demand they sleep separately, that is also a possibility. Even if not sleeping together, you will still have the time to spoon, cuddle and lie around with your escort.

Hygiene & Pampering

Much like sleep and food, when booking a longer date with an escort, know that she will also require time to shower. Showers might take place 2-3 times a day, depending on the activities you do for the date. Of course, the shower can be a place of fun for both the client and escort, yet keep in mind that at one point, your escort will need the bathroom to herself.

Alone Time

Longer escort dates also require the escort has at least 2 hours to herself a day. This is especially important if you have booked a travel date or a holiday experience. As everyone needs their alone time to thrive, it is advised you give yourself and your escort a breather from the date, as a way to get ready for what’s to come. Keep in mind that an escort might need to go shopping, make a call, or use the ATM, so it’s always necessary that you leave her to her own devices for at least 2 hours.

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