Ways to Have a More Successful Escort Date

To master the art of dating a professional escort, clients have to prepare for it. When we say prepare, we mean learn the basic requirements of escort dating, which can include proper manners, rightful etiquette, and learning a bit more about the booking and dating process.

Rookies and inexperienced clients who are interested in dating a professional escort can always benefit from learning important rules that make for a smooth date, so without further ado, here are the best tips to try for a more fulfilling escort rendezvous.

Pay then Play

If you are a new client in the world of escorts, the first thing to know about dating one is that payments are done on the spot and before your date begins. This method has proven itself successful in escort dating and prevents any misunderstandings and price negotiations between the client and his escort. Although there are various ways to make a payment, the best approach is to always pay in cash and place the money in an envelope so your escort can count them privately. And then, your date begins!

Client Behaviour

Client etiquette in dating escorts includes several important aspects to remember. For one, it is recommended you arrive 10 minutes earlier than your date so you avoid being late and wasting precious time. Also, when interacting with an escort, avoid physical contact in public and stick to compliments. When alone, be kind and considerate to your escort, and ensure you respect her boundaries as she does yours. That said, avoid asking your escort too personal questions and prying into her private life.

Personal Hygiene

Whilst not technically a behaviour, maintaining the perfect hygiene will score you bonus points with your escort. Taking a shower, grooming, using a nice perfume, and dressing up are some of the things to pay the most attention to. Moreover, ensure you wash your hands before and after getting down and dirty and that your breath is always minty, fresh, and kiss-friendly!

A Suitable Venue

If stepping out in public with your escort, the venue you choose for your date is crucial. Be it a bar, a restaurant, or an event venue, you always want to ensure that your escort will enjoy the repertoire offered and that you always add a tad of elegance to your dates. Dating an escort means raising the bar for quality experiences, so instead of going the traditional route, choose a place that screams exclusivity.

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