What Does Being a Professional Escort Mean

Escort companions exist in all shapes and forms, and each delivers a certain type of service that clients want to book. But, be that as it may, professional escorts - who typically collaborate with an escort centre - need to meet certain criteria in order to provide an impeccable experience to their clients. Below, let's discuss some of the musts that every escort needs to bring to the table in order to provide a professional and VIP service.

Discretion and Privacy

Unlike any other type of date, an escort needs to be prepared to offer her clients maximum discretion and privacy when meeting up for a date. Privacy is applied in terms of not revealing where your date takes place, or that your date is actually taking place. Discretion on the other hand means that, even if you are out and about with an escort, no one will ever suspect that you are in the company of a professional since the date will seem natural, cosy by your side, and in no way suggestive of what she does.

Preparation is Key

A professional escort date will always know the services she offers, and what they include. She will also know how to deliver those services to impress her clients, and will always be prepared for an A-level experience. If the escort does not know, for example, what the GFE entails but has listed the service in her professional portfolio, this makes the companion unprofessional and far from experienced in that service. Preparation will also have to do with the way an escort dresses for a certain service, her punctuality when arriving at the date, and her manners and overall behaviour during the appointment.

Engagement Counts…A Lot

Every professional escort knows that aside from offering top services to clients, she also needs to deliver her best performance…every time. The escort ought to put her thoughts and ideas into the date, organise herself well, and keep the date engaging as well as entertaining for the client.

If she has no interest in paying attention to the client or interacting with him, you can safely assume you have gone out with a time waster who only wants her rate without actually giving anything back.


Client reviews speak more of an escort's professionalism than anything else. So, if you want to ensure that the date you choose is the right pick for you, always rely on genuine client reviews that vouch for her quality. If the escort is lacking client reviews or has mediocre feedback on her offered services, you might need to look for another, more professional option.

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