Know Your Props: How to Choose the Safest Sex Toys?

If you are planning on ravishing up your sex life, introducing sex toys to your list of props is a big advantage. Sex toys are versatile, intended to provide maximum pleasure and satisfy both men and women at the same time. However, when choosing the safest sex toy, aside from shapes and sizes, there are other factors you should think about first.

From materials to condom compatibility, here’s how to choose a body-friendly sex toy for your raunchy rendezvouses!

Safest Sex Toys: The Material Factors!

When choosing a sex toy, the material is everything. For starters, there are three main factors to consider:

Porosity – if a toy is porous, which means the material can reach your pores, it can’t be thoroughly cleaned. This means that, unfortunately, porous toys largely attract and absorb bacteria, bodily fluids, and even the lubricant you use.

Toxicity- depending on the material used, sex toys can be made of toxin-friendly compounds. No matter how impressive the latest sex toys looks some of them may contain unregulated materials, which can then irritate the skin, cause rashes, or even chemical burns. Mostly, this happens with plastic-based sex toys.

Shape- although shape doesn’t seem to matter, it does when you need to be certain whether the toy shape is safe to use as advertised. Too-small sex toys, for example, are not the easiest to manage, as they slip away easily. Too-big toys, on the other hand, can sometimes cause pain and discomfort and can be especially harsh to use.  

What is Considered a Body-Safe Material?

To make sure you are on the right track with using your sex toys, these are the materials to look for:


Luckily, silicone is very popular and demanded sex toy material, and it is the base of most dildos, plugs, rings, etc. High-quality silicone is a non-porous material and can be washed with only soap and water, Silicone is also durable and works well with vibrating toys. Finally, silicone toys are hands-down the safest, and most effective to use. Whenever using silicone sex toys, know they are incompatible with silicone-based lubricants. That said, you can use them with a little help from water-based lubes.


Although rarer, glass sex toys make one of the finest materials to use. Glass toys can be easily sterilized and cleaned, even between sessions. They are totally non-porous and best of all, they are compatible with every single type of lubricant you have. Glass sex toys are mostly used for stimulating the G-spot and require some maneuvering skills. Moreover, if you do decide to use glass sex toys, we recommend you go for borosilicate ones, as they are pretty durable and should never crack.


Another super-fit sex toy material is metal. Like glass, metal also goes well with all kinds of lubricants. Metal sex toys have external use only, which also makes them easy to clean, store, and reuse.  

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