Dinner Date Escort Etiquette: A Detailed Guide!

Welcome to the world of fine escort dining and then some!

As part of the abundant service that escorts offer, dinner dates have to be the most beloved booking arrangement for clients. Dinner dates serve as a great way to introduce yourself to the escort world and enjoy a pleasant outing with a gorgeous girl.

When it comes to high-end escorts and dining, it is always best to come prepared for your date and introduce yourself to the proper escort dinner arrangement etiquette.

Without any further ado, here are some pro escort tips to spend a wonderful dinner date with a professional call girl.

Privacy and Discretion

As you already know, privacy is among the top priorities of your escort. When dining together, you want to ensure your booking doesn’t look obvious to others and that you enjoy a smooth experience.

For that reason, you can implement a few tricks to make your dinner date more pleasant and safe.

For one, avoid mentioning names in front of other restaurant guests and steer clear of discussing your personal lives and therefore, your professions. Other useful tricks to ensure you the most discrete date include:

Avoid kissing or any other physical contact while at the restaurant

Dress elegantly and classy, and expect your escort to do the same

If you meet a friend or an acquaintance of your escort, let her do the talking

Should you meet someone you know while dining with an escort, excuse yourself and do the interaction in private, far from your table

As your waiter might have already seen your escort at the restaurant with another client, tip him at least ten per cent of the total cost, as a thank you for his discretion

Alcohol and Food

Escort dinner etiquette noted alcohol a frenemy. On one hand, you might want to rely on drinking to ease the nerves, but ensure you don’t drink more than two beverages. Your escort might avoid drinking altogether, so it is wise you respect her decision.

Other food and drinks factors to consider include:

Always go for a fine wine rather than liquor

Avoid lactose-rich foods, such as cheese, heavy cream or ice cream

Expect your escort to follow your lead- if you use your hands to eat a pizza, she’ll do the same

Consider any religious traditions when dining, even if a certain meal custom seems odd

Ready for the After-Party

If you mind your drinking and follow the guidelines above, you will be good to go to continue the date at a more private location. That said, be prepared for what’s to follow, and equip yourself with mints, condoms, a spare of underwear and whatever else you find prudent.

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