6 Steamy Flirting Tricks to Try on Your Escort Date!

Way before the bedroom games, the sex, and lust begins the art of flirting and seduction. Just like you would swipe any date off her feet, you should do the same whenever you book an escort date. Yes, having an escort date might mean booking an all-inclusive package.

However, a little flirting and teasing go a long way in terms of building intimacy, creating a smooth vibe; and showing off some of your best hookup skills. If your flirting powers have gone a bit rusty; we have just the tips you need to get back in the game right in time for your escort date!  

The Five Types of Flirting!

According to science, there are 5 types of flirting, meaning five different techniques you can try. These include traditional, sincere, physical, polite, and playful flirting. No matter which one you go for (and why not go for all while at it?); chances are your escort date will appreciate your efforts and return the favor!  

Flirting Tricks: Eye Contact!

Studies find that maintaining eye contact with a date; or in this case, an escort date is a great way to establish attraction. Smiles and words do you justice; too, but there is just something so, so attractive about a man who understands the power of eye contact and isn’t afraid to use it!


We are not talking about groping, or filling out, or prying, we are talking about that sultry; didn’t-mean-to-but-still-did kind of touching. Sudden, sultry and casually implemented touches, like your hand on your date’s shoulder; or a pat on their neck, hair, or cheek, can be both a sign of interest and a non-intrusive gesture of desiring physical closeness.

Flirting Tricks: Playing Hard to Get!

When dating an escort there is no real need for any party to play hard to get. However, this little trick has long kept the lust and attraction alive for many couples, so if you are interested in a game of hot-and-cold, by all means, do it. 

The Sexy Voice!

Women tend to be attracted to well-spoken men who make their voice a tool of mass seduction. You know that raspy, inviting texture of your voice that combines sultriness and smoothness? Well, the more you use it, without hesitation or second-guessing yourself, the more effective the teasing will be.

Direct Speech!

Again, dating an escort means that you won’t have to bend over backward to impress your date; but then, why the heck not? One of the surest ways to show sexual confidence without sounding overbearing is to speak directly about what you want; and in a manner that is classy and open-minded.

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