5 Fabulous Foreplay Tips to Try on Her!

It is safe to assume that all women appreciate solid foreplay in bed. For many women, foreplay is likely the only way to have an orgasm, which is why many of them find it more desirable than actual sex. Our foreplay tips to try on her will give you an upper-hand in bed; it will also leave your partner feeling more satisfied, sexually fulfilled and ready to return the favor.

If you are still not a master of foreplay, here are 5 hot tips that will help you become one! 

Foreplay Tips to Try on Her: Daily Sexting!

A non-physical way to start your foreplay is to create sexual excitement throughout the day. How? By sexting, of course! Sexting is a fun and dynamic way to start your naughty adventures out of the bedroom. Women are huge fans of the written dirty word; so don’t be shy to express all your erotic desires and plans through a simple text. When it comes to sexting, you don’t have to overcomplicate your content; so even a simple ‘Can’t wait to get naked with you tonight’ will do the trick.

Clothes Off…but Slowly!

Instead of showing up to bed already undress, save that privilege for your pleasure and make it as deliberate and sensual as possible. Women thrive on having their clothes taken off before sex, and what’s more; they want to do the same for you. Unless you are having a quickie, taking your partner’s clothes off can be highly erotic; so take your time kissing and massaging your woman while making her wait for sweet, sweet pleasure.

Foreplay Tips to Try on Her: Be a Tease!

It is a known fact that women like to tease and in return, they want their partners to do the same. Being a sexy tease is easier than you think; and little things like walking around the house half-naked or feeding your partner aphrodisiac foods will get you the desired effect.

‘Relax and Enjoy’  

A truly erotic way to give your partner great foreplay is to have her relax while you worship every part of her body. For this, you don’t even have to be in bed- just have her stop in the middle of the room and cup her butt and breasts for a while. You can also do an erotic massage or get into some toe-sucking…she’ll love it!  

‘What are You Reading?’

Assuming your woman is a fan of erotic fiction; you can take a peek into her latest reads and recreate a foreplay scene in bed. Women love to read naughty books and fantasize about being swept off their feet; so read some of her favorite erotic scenes and put them in practice.

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