How to be an Escort’s Favourite Client?

In the business of professional dating, being a great escort is equally important as being a great client. All services that escorts provide are usually revolved around pleasing clients in various ways- from providing them with comfort to keeping their dating lives fun and their bedroom warm.

However, while we all can guess the traits of a top-quality escort; we rarely discuss what it takes to be a superb client for your date. As it turns out, escorts, much like clients; have their favourites, and it is all has to do with personality, lifestyle and of course, manners.

Want to be the most beloved client for all your escorts? Here’s what escorts love.

1. Politeness and Respect

Both politeness and respect count as the pillars of a great escort date. Namely, escorts enjoy spending time with clients who manifest the same amount of respect they would show any other date. In addition, being well-mannered around your escort will earn you extra points of appreciation; so don’t hold back in pampering and spoiling your girl.

2. Cleanness

It should be obvious by now that hygiene plays a key factor in dating escorts. When you book a professional date; you can expect your escort to dress-up and put on a show of a lifetime. In that same aspect, you should, too; keep up your appearance and always show up nicely dressed, freshly showered and looking sharp as a blade.

3. Humour

Everyone likes a good laugh, including escorts. Therefore, professional dates are quite keen on positive and funny clients who know how to strike up a conversation and lighten up the mood. When you show your escort your entertaining side; she’ll likely appreciate you more as she won’t have to carry the date on her shoulders alone.

4. The Giver

Now, to be a giving client doesn’t mean to be incredibly rich. No, it just means to pay attention to the little details that make your date even more special. How about splurging at a fancy spa? What about making dinner reservations for two at a luxurious restaurant? Trust me, escorts know when a client doesn’t make money an issue and isn’t afraid to tip either.

5. Put in a Good Word

One of the ultimate ways to ensure your escort date wants to meet you again is to write her a fabulous review. If you enjoyed your date (and you probably will!); giving your escort the praise in the form of a well-composed review will land you among her top favourite clients to date.


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