How to Beat These 6 Awkward Moments in Sex?

As with everything else, sex too has its ups and downs. Of course, sex can be downright sensual and explosive but it can also become a bit awkward at times. But, wait! Feeling weird about something that happened in the bedroom can be awkward; but it shouldn’t be detrimental to the pleasure you give and receive.

What makes sex cringe-worthy? What to do when and if these moments happen?

Read on as we discuss how to get over these 6 awkward sex moments!  

Finishing Too Soon

Having an orgasm too soon (whatever that means for you) feels like the definition of awkward to men. Wait, breathe out, nothing is lost. Just because things ended too soon for you, they still have not ended for your woman. So, roll up your virtual sleeves; bring out your best moves, and let your woman have all the pleasure she deserves.

Not Sex-Ready

We have all been there- you want to have sex; you can actually have sex, but you haven’t groomed enough for it. Well, guess what? A few pubic hairs won’t chase your date away; and she is not quite expecting you to be geared up on all occasions. So, if sex happens to come spontaneously to you, forget about your physical appearance and focus on being a great lover to the woman in your arms.

It Goes On and On

Sometimes sex can seem like it lasts a lifetime. If you feel like your orgasms aren’t anywhere close to manifesting, the best thing to do is pause your own pleasure and focus on the pleasure you give your date. If you are willing to do the time, you can try switching up your position or trying something you never have before.

Weird Noises

Weird noises happen in sex and on both ends, too. However, in the heat of the moment, no matter how awkward a noise sounds, it is part of your pleasure and natural expression. And sometimes, or most times to be precise, weird noises come as a result of your mutual pleasure, so they can’t be all bad, right?

Staying Over vs. Going Home

You just had great sex with someone, but you don’t feel like spending the night or having them stay over at your place. What do you do then? Well, honesty is undoubtedly the best policy, and you don’t have to be mean about wanting to be alone after your tryst…you just have to really mean it.

Need to Pee

During sex, you might get the urge to pee, as your bladder is also affected by the experience. As awkward as stopping in the middle of action sounds, trust me, it is not enough to kill the vibe. When Mother Nature calls, simply excuse yourself, do your thing, and come back to bed stronger and relieved.


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