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Barnsley Escorts VIP: Date Exclusive Escorts Today!

A stunning gallery of escorts, an array of dating services; and the utmost reliability and professionalism- that’s what the Barnsley Escorts VIP is all about!

Servicing gentlemen living in Barnsley and all nearby towns and parishes; our agency is the ultimate professional paradise for VIP dating. At our agency, we offer over a dozen available escorts, all carefully chosen to fulfill your deepest desires.

Transform your dating life and harvest the fruits of dating casually and professionally; here is everything Barnsley Escorts VIP has to offer!

The Barnsley Escorts

Barnsley VIP offers you exclusive access to an abundant gallery of available escorts. All Barnsley babes are professional, discrete, and trained to provide the ultimate pleasure and company to interested clients.

Inside our gallery, you will find a richness of date options; including blonde, teen, mature escorts, and more. In order to satisfy all desires our clients have, we like to keep our escort gallery fresh and new each time!

With each of our ladies, you can book an outcall and meet up at your home, a hotel room, or another location in Barnsley. Aside from casual rendezvous, Barnsley’s leading escorts also make a great dinner date, plus one date, travel date, and casual girlfriends.

The Barnsley VIP escort centre always has its doors open for new escort babes to join in! if you feel like you would be a great escort, feel free to contact our agency for more information or fill in the online questionnaire!

The VIP Date

At Barnsley VIP, you can book a variety of dates to enjoy with each of our available escorts. Some of the most popular services our clients use when booking a date include:


Whether it is a pub date, a dinner arrangement, or a mid-day picnic, book your out-and-about experience with any Barnsley escort!

Couple Escorts

Couples who enjoy newness in their relationship and fine company are welcome to book a couple’s escort and spice their relationship up!

The Girlfriend Experience

This is an excellent service that gives you the chance to date an escort as your casual girlfriend while enjoying full privacy, discretion, and freedom!

Overnight Dates

An especially popular service, overnight dates let you spend the night with your favorite escort and get a reduced hourly fee for each other you spend together!

A Two-Girl Experience

Take ‘sexy’ on a whole different level and book not one, but two sensational Barnsley escorts for the most unforgettable tryst to date. Mix and match your escort ladies and boost your ‘lover’ skills like never before!

Booking Barnsley Escorts

The Barnsley VIP escort agency offers two ways to book an outcall escort date. One, you can give our agency a call any day of the week, from 10 am until the early hours of the night. Once you get in touch; our lovely team of professionals will make sure all details of your date are executed to perfection. Two, you can also send our team an email; but in doing so, please give our team time to go over your booking and approve it.

Meet all of our escorts through our VIP escort gallery, where you can see all available dates! If you are planning to travel with your escort, it is best you book your date in advance; just to make sure your favorite babe is available to join you. If you live outside Barnsley and want to book an escort, please allow your date some time to arrive at your destination.

Barnsley’s Hotspots

One of the best ways to spend your escort date; outside your home or hotel room, is to explore the town. Together with its historic significance; Barnsley is a vibrant and lively city where you can do a number of fun things with your date. For a proper dining experience, you can make reservations at Passion Food Restaurant or The Silkstone Inn.

At the same time, you can visit any of Barnsley’s top attractions and landmarks, like Locke Park and Barnsley’s city museum. For a more relaxed and intimate date; you can book a spa day for two at Barnsley House, where you can also spend the night. At the same time, fans of downtown hotel accommodation can book a room at Barnsley's top-rated spots; like Rockingham Arms or Hotel Ibis Style.

For any information and details regarding the booking process or ideas on how to choose the ideal date; contact Barnsley Escorts VIP today!

Date, Explore, Be Adventurous: Welcome to Barnsley Escorts!

Settled in a picturesque surrounding in South Yorkshire, the town of Barnsley is an uncovered gem worthy of your exploration. Not solely historically relevant; Barnsley counts as a vivid and dynamic town with plenty of goodies to offer up to tourists and locals.

Together with the landmarks and attractions, Barnsley’s narrow streets invite you to step out of your comfort zone in every sense imaginable. One of the reasons both locals and visitors to Barnsley enjoy the vibe of this magnetic town is its rich escort dating scene. As one of the leading spots in the region to offer high-class escort services, Barnsley makes the town seem a heaven for busty ladies, fine dining and attractions to see.

To properly introduce you to the best of what Barnsley has to offer, here is a list of ideas on what to do and see when visiting this charming Yorkshire sister-town.

The Best of Barnsley Escorts at Your Reach!

If you are into museums, park, and gardens….

Lovers of history and the feel-good factor, unite! Dating in Barnsley can be a whole lot more fun; which is why the Cannon Hall Museum Park & Gardens is a great idea, to begin with.

Here, soak up on the sun, enjoy pleasant company, have a laugh and admire the exceptional aesthetics around you. The museum itself is a refined historical nest and offers a dose of the recognizable British classical charm. Depicting the Austin era, this museum has widespread parks and gardens which seem as if they stepped out of a fairytale!

The complex itself is not just a gazing attraction, but hosts plenty of fun events, too. Such is the locally famous Pear Day, where you can try over 40 species of pear trees. Want some alone time with your date? No problem, feel free to take a stroll in the private gardens the museum boasts and find plenty of fun spots to have a drink, coffee or just relax.

If you are into art, culture, and tradition…

As one of the most popular first-date spots in Barnsley, The Cooper Gallery is definitely a sight to see. Thanks to a man named Samuel Joshua Cooper and his escapade across Europe, the aforementioned gallery is home to vintage and modern art pieces! Over a century old, the gallery itself attends plenty of galleries which will bring you back to the times life seemed a bit more hopeful! Counting that you will also be in good company (khm, your date), this memorable landmark will forever be imprinted in your memory.

If you feel like attending a concert or enjoying another type of fun performance; take your date to The Civic, a known culture-provoked attraction, nestled in the heart of the city!

If you are into nature and relaxation….

A half-an-hour drive from downtown Barnsley will take you to the extravagant and unexplored natural park area in the region. The Peak District National Park is one of the most astounding places nearby Barnsley and offers the ultimate chance to relax. ease your mind and have a day well spent. Whether accompanied for a stroll by your date or taking upon an adventure on your own accord, the park exudes spectacular views, incredible water surfaces, and pure natural bliss!

If you are into having fun…

In the center of the urban concept of the town is the waterland paradise Calypso Cove. A true place to enjoy yourself, have a drink; have a nice bite to eat and fool around in the water, this aquapark is the ‘it’ place to be! The waterpark itself has one of the fastest indoor water slides in the UK; but what you can also find here is a handful of bars, poolside hangout areas, and a wave and diving pool!

Get in Touch with Barnsley Escorts, We Can Make It Happen!

If you care to roam Barnsley like a pro and in a pair, the Barnsley escorts VIP agency can help you organize it all! While we provide the utmost companionship services, our escorts are also introduced to the best pub; restaurants, and clubs in town, thus guaranteeing you a full-on date ahead! Don’t hesitate to take a breather and allow the best Barnsley VIP escorts show you a fantastic time!

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VIP Escort Outcalls: 7 Things to Keep in Your Hotel Room Nightstand

If you are meeting an escort for an outcall service at a reputable hotel, the main thing to think about is organising your bedroom well. When it comes to getting your nightstand drawer - even at a hotel - ready for some play, here are the 7 things you will make maximum use of.


First thing's first, you will need tissues, so you can keep your bed and all activities in it clean and safe. When choosing tissues for your sizzling escort outcall date, it is paramount that you avoid getting alcohol-based products, and instead opt for baby wipes or something milder and hypoallergenic.

A Prop

Every gentleman should know that the sausage alone does not suffice for a memorable orgasm. So, it is wise that you equip your nightstand with at least one sex toy, like a pocket vibrator, a wand, or even a pair of cuffs. Since you will be at a hotel, keep your sex toy choices on the smaller and more practical side, so you can bring them in and get them out without attracting attention.


Condoms are a man's best friend when it comes to hot hotel trysting. But aside from keeping you safe as can be against UTIs and possible STDs, a condom can also serve as its own prop. Ribbed, flavoured, extra-lubed, and with different thicknesses, you should have a few different options to consider, and really turn the heat and fun up.


Sex toy or no sex toy, it is always wise to keep lubricant at your bedside for your outcall service. Lubes come in all different smells, and consistencies and serve different purposes, so be sure that if you do use a toy, the lube matches the toy material. If not using a toy, however, you can experiment more with your options. For the most discrete experience, choose a small-package lube that you can use up in one take, and dispose of later.

Chewing Gum or Oral Spray

No matter what you get up to doing on your outcall escort date, your breath will need to stay fresh, inviting and clean. So, always have spare gums or a disinfecting oral spray to keep you orally appealing.


Although cash is not something that you'd think to keep in a nightstand when on a hot date, with an escort, it is always wise to have spare pounds nearby. Since you may want to tip your escort once the date is done - and you should - having some cash at hand can be quite practical. Also, since many clients will opt to pay for the service with a credit card, having cash nearby can still cover that tip.

A Smaller Towel

Whereas tissues are good for wiping any mess out of the picture, a smaller towel can help you manage any bigger mess you want to avoid. Also, a smaller towel can be great for positioning it under one's waist or knees and adds more support and comfort to whoever needs it.

VIP Tips for the Best Hotel Rendezvous Ever

If you are looking to spice things up in your dating life, or have a casual date that you want to spend time with anywhere but home or in public, hotels can be a superb alternative. Hotel dates have existed likely since the hotel industry existed and make a renowned and a tad different date location that can be quite fulfilling.

Secretive, private, equipped with just about anything you can imagine, here are the tops tips to help you spend a memorable tryst behind closed doors.

A Reputable Place

When meeting a date at a hotel, the last thing you want is to choose just any hotel that is available. Instead of picking on a whim, try to find a hotel that, albeit pricier, has a great reputation, is located in an area that works for you and your date, and offers you stellar service and amenities. Top-rated or four and five-star hotels make a great starting point for your date, but always compare several options to find one that is just right.

Beyond the Bed

Now, the hotel room is a wide space that waits to be unravelled. What that means is that you don't have to head straight to bed as soon as you set foot into the room. Instead, try going about your date in other corners of the room. For example, check the minibar and fridge to have a snack or a drink together. Also, spend time in the shower or tub if you are not in a rush. Always order room service when you can use it - it's a great way to get delicious food, fruit and other supplies you may need.

The Setting

Most hotels will already have a predesigned setting for you to enjoy during the date. However, that's not to say that the setting cannot be improved. For instance, you can play some music, sprinkle some rose petals on the bedding, create a vibey atmosphere by lighting candles or playing with the light, and dress up for your date even if you are not planning to leave the room.

The DND Sign

The Do Not Disturb sign is your best friend when you want a proper hotel date without any interruptions whatsoever. Hang the sign outside the door, and enjoy your freedom behind it.

Pick Up after Yourselves

Especially if not using a room cleaning service - and even if you do - it is of utmost importance that you leave the room orderly. Picking up after yourself and cleaning up any mess you made will leave you an open room to come back and book again whenever you want.

Your VIP Escort Experience: Yorkshire and Leeds Escorts VIP at Your Service

In Yorkshire and Leeds, the only way you can be alone without wanting to is if you choose to. In all other cases, finding the perfect date and companion for you is made easier than ever before with Yorkshire and Leeds Escorts VIP.

A designated provider of escort services, the Leeds and Yorkshire Escorts agency offers an astounding selection of handpicked dates, services and experiences to keep you happy and satisfied any time you need it.

Not sure where to begin? Read on to tailor your fabulous escort date in Yorkshire and Leeds with the help of our escort centre.

The Services

First off, think about the type of service you want to use. Make no mistake, at the Yorkshire Escorts VIP agency, we offer a grand selection of services to provide you with pleasure, intimacy, companionship, support, and fun. Some of our top picks include:

  • The GFE
  • Dinner dates
  • Outings
  • Plus-one dates
  • Shopping experiences
  • Outcalls
  • Incalls
  • Phone and webcam services
  • Couple escort services
  • Duo escort services
  • Business escorts
  • Party escorts
  • Travel services
  • Overnight services

and more!

Any service can be booked by reaching out via our website contact information or via phone. The services can vary in duration, tailor to specific needs you have, and ensure that you and your escort will agree privately on the details of your date.

The Escorts

All companions under the Yorkshire and Leeds escort centre are self-employed and only advertise their service through our page. However, we have a filtering process that ensures clients only the best and finest experiences in town. So, each of the self-employed companions you book will be experienced, proficient in her service, elegant and classy, and devoted to your needs.

To explore your companion options, browse through our gallery to find the best blondes, brunettes, blacks, Europeans, Asians, busty, slim, model, featured, new, and other escorts. If you want to learn more about the individual services the companions have provided clients with, read each escort's client reviews.

The Locations

Together with Yorkshire and Leeds, our escort centre also offers its services across a few bigger city locations and their nearing areas, including Barnsley, Bradford, York, Halifax, Doncaster, and Harrogate, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, and more.

For a more precise booking, you can visit each of these websites individually and find the best escort services near you.

To make your booking, give the Leeds and Yorkshire escort centre a call throughout the week - weekends included - and get ready for a VIP experience cut to your preference!