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Bradford has many hidden gems such as the model village of Saltire and the underground shopping tunnels of Sunbridge Wells however, EC Bradford Escorts are the most discreet and gem like of all that Bradford has to offer. Being crowned the UK’s Curry Capital 3 years in a row, dining out in Bradford isn’t the only Hot & Spicy encounter to be had. EC Bradford Escorts are on hand to make your experiences within this West Yorkshire City truly pleasurable, exciting and fun.

EC Bradford Escorts are available for Outcalls until late into the night. Let one or even two of these beautiful ladies visit you at your hotel before heading out to the ‘Sparrow Bier Cafe’ to sample some of the UK’s best craft beers or to see the UK’s highest 100ft fountain locally known as “The Puddle” magically lit once the sun has set. However you plan to spend your time with your chosen EC Bradford Escort we can almost guarantee a first-rate GFE (Girlfriend Experience) leading to total satisfaction and the desire to extend your evening.

EC Bradford Escorts are sophisticated and stunning not to mention intelligent, discreet and to be in their company is an absolute delight. If you’ve had a long day and wanting to unwind, EC Bradford Escorts can help you ease and relax into your booking leaving you content in more ways than one. EC Bradford Escorts will always fulfil your time together with your desires at the forefront of their minds. For an unforgettable time with a beautiful lady, our Bradford Escorts are only a phone call away. In addition to all that our Escorts have to offer, if you’re an adventurous couple looking for that perfect lady for an evening of pure pleasure or someone with an unusual desire to fulfil some fetish fun, our escorts are experts in making sure all particulars are covered for that ultimate mind-blowing experience.

Find All Your Heart Desires at Bradford Escorts!

Cleverly nestled in the wider Yorkshire area, the city of Bradford is a unique place oozing confidence, charm and plenty of fun! Bradford is a cosmopolitan town where locals and visitors can explore, dine in style and get to know a bit of Bradford’s rich history and social scene. As part of your experience, in Bradford you will find outstanding escort services, as provided by the ultimate babes at the Bradford escort agency.

In a manner of speaking, Bradford is an uncovered haven for everyone who likes something hot, far from the usual, and utterly entertaining. If you are planning a trip to Bradford or have been wanting to revisit your favorite spots in town with a date, here is an inspiring list to help you out!

The Best of Bradford Escorts: Dates, Attractions, Entertainment!

If you are into culture and events…

Bradford is known for many reasons, one of the biggest being the City of Film which enjoys a UNESCO status. Because of its abundant film heritage, Bradford earned its status of the best filming locations and makes a perfect choice for a first date. Surrounded by cobbled streets which echo sounds the sounds of recognizable local music, Bradford serves you with the best atmosphere and amazing company!

Another great way to uncover Bradford’s best cultural spots is to visit the abundance of museums, ideal for a first date. These rare Victorian-style buildings hold precious galleries of timeless and contemporary art. At the same time, within the facilities, you can attend many concerts, popular events in the region or even attend a local festival!

If you are into urban living…

Aside from its classical side, Bradford can show you a good time by offering a wide range of popular restaurants and natural spots to visit. Perfect for a date or a bachelor’s weekend out, Bradford offers rich menus at Michelin-star restaurants, in the heart of a business area district that is buzzing with energy!

Rich in contrasts and mixing passion and pleasure to the nines, Bradford has a bit something for everyone!

If you are into outdoor activities…

Whether you are a hiker or a lover of nature, take your date to 'Cow and Calf rocks', close to Ilkley. Here, you can spend a date climbing or learning the basics of it. Also, you are free to get romantic and hike around the area, admiring the stunning hillside views. Another great outing location to visit in a couple is Roberts Park, an urban get-together spot which might be the perfect location for a picnic and a kissing session under the hot sun!

If you want to get into the Victorian vibe, the Saltaire model town will be a knockout of an experience! Here, you will find The Salts Mill, overlooking the mysterious and relaxing River Aire.

For a more historic experience, don’t hesitate to visit Bradford’s known railway station, which was featured in the popular film The Railway Children!

Finally, end the day by booking a tour for two through the Bradford Alhambra Theatre, which depicts the original Alhambra Castle located in Granada, Spain. As soon as you soak up the tour, take time for a break and join the busy and bustling downtown life!

Something saucier to wrap up the day… at Bradford escorts.

Bradford is not designed for a single-trip only, so if you care to enrich your experience, call the Bradford VIP escort agency to find a date that matches your lifestyle. Of course, this magnetic town is filled with 5-star hotels for the best date experience, as well as popular restaurants, pubs, clubs and more!

Escorts in Bradford can tame the wilderness inside you and offer a marvelous service in any form imaginable! Always private and beyond experienced, in the company of an escort (or two!) you can introduce yourself to a side of Bradford you may never knew before!

Guaranteeing you majestic moments, a proper introduction to Bradford and pleasure beyond your imagination escorts at the Bradford VIP agency will make this adventure worth repeating!

Take the time to relax, breathe out and get to know Bradford properly and do it all with our stunning escorts. To make a booking, call our agency now!

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The Sexting Etiquette You Need to Know: Doing It Right Matters!

Learning the proper way to communicate intimate desires whilst keeping things fun is a great skill. Aside from in-person communication, there is also sexting, which as of late, has become quite the trend among daters of all sorts - long-term, short-term, casual, escort daters etc. But, the art of sexting does not only refer to having a rich enough vocabulary. If you are looking forward to becoming a master sexter, especially with an escort here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Make It a Mutual Thing

With an escort, you always want to keep your texting games on a level that works for both of you, and on a schedule. Aside from scheduling the hours of texting you'll spend with an escort, you also need to have consent on the kinds of things you'll text, and how intimate with your sexting session you will get. Since different escorts might have different preferences as well as rules, it is important you first communicate through your expectations and boundaries and then dive into action.

No Need to Get Ahead of Yourself

One-time sexting session might be fun to explore, but if you take to this hot trend, you won't have to do it all at once. In fact, when sexting, one of the most important things is to develop your own narrative and take things slow. Building anticipation will make the texting session more exciting, and you can always provide feedback on things you liked or didn't. That said, it might be ideal to refrain from sending nudes just yet or at all, especially if the reason for it is privacy-related.

Don't Overdo It

It is easy to get carried away when sexting, especially if you do it with an escort. However, everything has its place and time, as well as a level of acceptable communication. You never want to sound insulting, offensive or hurtful. But, you also don't want to be too ignorant or inexperienced. If you are shyer, try to keep the explicit content at bay for the time being, or until you feel more comfortable delving deeper into your secret pleasures. Teasing can be a great starting ground for your moderate sexting session - be provocative and flirty, but don't go all the way.

Learn to Adjust

Escorts are great at meeting their client's needs, be it during texting or actual dating. In that same fashion, when sexting, you need to learn to adjust as well, even if it means keeping a different texting pace and style than usual. Sexting is a tit-for-tat kind of deal, and although your satisfaction is the priority here, knowing your escort is also engaged in the action is also rewarding.

The Ultimate Hotel Stay List for Your Bradford Escort Outcall

Finding a great hotel to stay at for an outcall escort date in Bradford is just as important as finding a stellar date. In terms of finding the perfect companion in Bradford, look no further than the Bradford VIP escort centre where you can book VIP escort services, top companions and experiences as well. In terms of where to stay, especially if you booked an overnight or an outcall, here are the best hotels in Bradford for escort dates.

The Bradford Hotel

Aptly named, the Bradford Hotel is all about tradition, professionalism and quality. It is a hotel located in downtown Bradford and is close to all relevant shopping areas. Their guest rooms offer plenty of workspace and they also offer Deluxe rooms with private bathrooms, toiletries and similar amenities. The hotel has its own restaurant and room service, which makes it a top option for those looking for extra privacy.

The Midland Hotel

A Victorian-style hotel, the Midland Hotel has above-average standard rooms and is a top pick for lovers of comfort. It offers free parking space for its guests and ladies-only and gentlemen'-only gyms. At the hotel, you can have a Full English breakfast and there is also a continental option. For snacking, the hotel has two snacks and tea bars, and its own restaurant on-site.

The ibis Bradford Shipley

With a hint of modernism, the ibis Bradford Shipley makes a neat option for your escort outcall in Bradford. The hotel is 8km from the Bradford airport which makes it suitable for travellers and businessmen looking for VIP companionship. There is an open bar to visit in the afternoon and evenings and a swimming pool to keep things fun.

Holiday inn Express Bradford

For another sublime downtown experience, stay at the Holiday Inn Express Bradford. The hotel is located as central as can get and has a surrounding complex of bars, shops and outing spots. The hotel is equipped with a discrete lobby, on the second floor, so you can meet your escort there. Their rooms differ in size and spaciousness and options are available for anyone's budget. A yummy breakfast buffet is available at the hotel as are free on-site parking and a golf course.

The Highfield Hotel

The Highfield Hotel is a private business that is located a few minutes' drive from downtown Bradford. As such, it makes a more private option and is well connected to Leeds. The rooms are American sized, whereas the amenities include a swimming pool, a spa, a workout facility, a sauna as well as a steam room. Sun beds can also be rented during the summer season. For those who love on-site outings, the hotel offers a bar with snacks and meals, and a gaming area to keep you entertained.

The Factors That Make You a Superb Client in Your Escort's Eyes

What does being a great client mean as far as escorts are concerned? Here are the key factors that can earn clients all the bonus points with an escort!

Timely Payment

An escort will always, always appreciate clients who make no fuss about the payment of the service they booked. Being timely and precise with the payment is quite important to escorts, so if you care to be one of her favourites, never bargain the cost, ask for unwarranted discounts, or try to add something extra to the already defined service.

Time Awareness

Many might assume that escorts will prefer the more successful or more attractive types of clients, but that plays a little role in the escort world. What escorts will appreciate, however, is any client who gets to the escort date on time, lets the escort know if he'll be late, and always leaves on time. That simple.

Exquisite Manners

To become an escort's favourite client, you must possess immaculate manners. Being polite, considerate, engaging, open-minded and cultural are of utmost importance in maintaining a superb flow of the date - no sour surprises included.

The Surprise Factor

Clients who can truly surprise their escorts with a unique type of date or bring something new to the table will always be appreciated in the industry. Yes, an outcall is an outcall, but added room services, spa experience, or having the date out of town can really provoke positive feelings in your escort.


Whether you like to try something, change something, or stop doing something during the date - escorts will always appreciate an honest client who can speak up directly. This is not the time to beat around the bush and settle, so being upfront will earn you extra points in your escort's eyes.

Respecting Her Boundaries

All escorts will favour a client who knows how to set his own boundaries, and who also knows how to respect the limitations his escort has. Since everyone likes and dislikes different aspects about escort/client dating, a client who can be mindful of these needs will always be a winner.

The Discretion Factor

You can be the timeliest, most regular client in the world, and yet, if you cannot keep the booking appointments to yourself - rarely any escort will agree to see you twice. Ensuring that your date is private, not trying to take secret photos of your escort, and never babbling around town about your illicit engagements is the way to go when meeting a professional.

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