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In 2001, it was estimated that Wakefield had 76,886 residents. If you’re one of them, why not treat yourself to a Wakefield outcall? Our stunning escorts in Wakefield are happy to visit you at your home for an intimate night in. Alternatively, our Wakefield escorts could meet you at your hotel for a fun-filled evening.

With a number of places of interest, Wakefield attracts many visitors on day trips and short breaks. The city itself boasts a small art gallery and museum, although the highlight is undoubtedly the nearby National Coal Mining Museum for England. This fascinating museum documents the history of coal mining in Wakefield - which once boasted six pits within just two miles of the city centre – and other areas throughout the UK.

The city also has some wonderful historic buildings, which are perfect to explore with a Wakefield escort. Nostell Priory is a beautiful palladian house that was once home to the affluent Winn family. Now owned by the National Trust, the house is surrounded by 300 acres of beautiful park. The gorgeous gardens are open to the public, who can enjoy the wild flowers, lakes, rambling trails and brand-new orienteering course. Wakefield Cathedral is also a stunning building, which was built during the 14th and 15th centuries. At 75 metres tall, the cathedral’s spire is the tallest in Yorkshire and a real pleasure to view with a Wakefield escort.

Wakefield was dubbed the Merrie City in the Middle Ages and it is still a lively place. The Westgate area of the city has so many pubs, it is often referred to as the ‘Westgate Run’ and attracts drinkers from throughout Yorkshire. However, if you prefer a more sophisticated night out, you’ll find plenty of exclusive bars and restaurants in the city too. For an extra touch of class, why not invite a Wakefield escort to join you? Our ladies are so discreet; nobody will ever guess that she’s not your girlfriend.

To have an informal chat about our escorts in Wakefield or to make a booking, call us and speak to our receptionist.

The Soulful Experience You Need: Welcome to Wakefield Escorts VIP!

Stretch along the riverbank of the magical River Calder, Wakefield represents one of the liveliest towns in West Yorkshire. Known for its rich cultural and social life, Wakefield is the definition of timeless art and history. In addition, Wakefield is abundant in greenery and parks, which make the town an exquisite and tranquil place to be.

To make your time in Wakefield extra special, whether you are a local or a tourist, you can also arrange yourself a date to hang out with. That said, at the Wakefield escorts VIP agency you can find an escort fit to your needs and then, it’s onto exploring the town itself! If you were wondering about your date options, here is a list of the best places to see in Wakefield!

The Wakefield Cathedral

Settled in the immediate center of Wakefield, the Cathedral presents a Victorian monument that speaks of history, essence, and tradition. The church is open for a 45-minute tour, so if you are into doing fun and unique things on your first date, this is the perfect starting point.

The Sandal Castle

The beauty of medieval structures is undisputed which is why you have to visit the remarkable Sandal Castle. Overlooking River Calder, the castle offers free-of-charge touring and is one of the most breathtaking spots in town. Tell me, who doesn’t appreciate a romantic sunset, anyway?

The Chantry Chapel of St. Mary

This magnificent monument is categorized as Grade I building protected by the English Heritage Registry. An ancient monument and a slice of Wakefield’s history, the Chantry Chapel of St.Mary offers a variety of activities and greets you and your date with a cup of tea, biscuits included. Nice, right?

The Theatre Royal Wakefield build in 1894, this spending theatre has a Victorian feel and is host of countless events and performance acts. As such, the theatre guarantees full-on fun with your date and explodes with charms, architecture, and eventfulness!

The Nostell Priory and Parkland

Counted as one of the best places in Wakefield, Nostell Priory has been built way back in 1727. The detail of this estate fulfills all your senses, and for a 14 $ entrance, you and your date can enjoy spending time together on the property’s magical gardens.

The Newmillerdam Country Park

Established in the 1820s, Newmillerdam Country Park is an excellent place for a first date. With a bunch of activities available, including birdwatching, a magnificent lake to picnic at and the perfect scenery for warm kisses!

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Featuring some of the biggest names in local and foreign art, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park also goes by the name Treasure Hunt. With no entrance included, the park allows you to go sightseeing for hours and never get tired along the way! In other words, it’s just the right place if you want to make an impression.

Unity Works |Outstanding Wakefield Escorts Date.

Popular among locals, the Unity Works has hosted big band names, including Iron Maiden, The Ramones, and Def Leppard. Even today, the festival venue organizes great events for the lovers of energy, good vibes, and outstanding music.

Take Your Wakefield Escorts to Jazz!

The Wakefield Jazz Club probably does not get the credit it truly deserves. This incredible gem of a venue hosts known and climbing jazz performers at reasonable prices. Is this the best date idea yet? We think so.

Hepworth Wakefield

Another great attraction on this list is the Hepworth Wakefield, a venue where lots of known artists attend. Boasting a variety of shows and exhibitions, the venue is considered one of the “finest contemporary art museums in Europe”. And truth be told, it carries the title with pride!

A Top-Quality Date At Wakefield Escorts VIP!

Aside from the attractions and nature destinations; Wakefield also offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels, where you can party with your date. To make an escort booking, all you have to do is call the Wakefield escorts agency now! Presenting you with stellar date options and knockout services as well, you can make an outcall to any date you like. With a guaranteed discretion and plenty to look forward to – from sightseeing to quality time with your date- Wakefield invites you to let go and enjoy! 

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Outcall Services vs The GFE Service: How are They Different and Similar

Outcall services are among the most desired experiences in the escort world, and the same can be said of the GFE service. However, when choosing to book either an escort outcall or an escort Girlfriend Experience service, you will be looking at two relatively different scenarios.

Even though they might seem similar in many ways, there is a clear distinction between what an outcall service comes with compared to the GFE and vice versa - all of which we detail below.

The Differences:

  • The GFE lasts longer - although it is not time-limited, as an immersive service, the Girlfriend Experience lasts longer than a traditional outcall. Typically, outcalls can last for an hour minimum or more, whereas the GFE might have a preset timeframe and a minimum of two hours to start.

  • The GFE is more intimacy-based - outcalls bring in their fair share of intimacy and bonding, but with the GFE, clients actually get that girlfriend-boyfriend feel. This means you can expect more cuddling, snuggling, sharing, and even kissing, something that not all escorts provide outside the GFE service.

  • Outcalls are more versatile - whereas in the GFE you get a straightforward service which is clearly defined, with outcalls you can tailor the specifics of the date with your escort. Outcalls can therefore be romantic dates, more personal experiences, or even feature an extra escort, if you, say, book the duo escort outcall.

  • Different rates - since they are not the same service, outcalls and the GFE will come with different rates, with the GFE being pricier than an outcall. However, a shorter GFE booking might come close to the price of a longer outcall service, so it's all about what you privately agree on with your escort.

The Similarities:

  • Quality of service - regardless if you book the GFE or an outcall service, you can expect a thorough dedication and professionalism on behalf of your companion. Escorts are highly service-oriented, so both experiences can fulfil your needs, although perhaps in different ways.

  • Experienced escort - the GFE escort or the outcall escort you will choose will be the perfect pick for the service. Since there are many designated escorts who specifically tend to outcalls and the GFE, they will have a full skill set that will leave you entirely satisfied with their skills and overall performance.

  • Both can take place indoors - outcalls, as well as the GFE, can take place behind closed doors. With outcalls, the indoor rule is a given, but even GFE bookings can be envisioned as outcalls and take a more private and secluded tone.

How an Escort Helps You Restore Your Confidence

A key reason for men booking an escort company and using their services is to regain their confidence or build it from scratch. Many clients often feel out of the loop when it comes to dating, either because they were recently divorced, they lost their long-term partner, or have never been that great at dating.

With an escort, however, there are many ways clients can feel supported and understood, and using a specific skillset, an escort can effortlessly help you rebuild your confidence.


She frees you of any judgment

One of the best ways to start working on your confidence is to release yourself from any judgment you feel is upon you. An escort can luckily help you a lot in that department and since she is open-minded, she will help you learn the same skill and become free of any limits or boundaries you may have. Yes, it is completely normal to see a dating specialist for support, and you should never feel guilty about finding what you need in a designated service.

She helps you communicate better

For many men, confidence is seen in the way they communicate. Maintaining firm eye contact, having a strong and flowing vocabulary, and being able to share with a woman are some of the keys to excellent communication. When you have issues with interacting with women, sharing your thoughts or boundaries, or sharing an idea with them, seeing an escort can help you overcome this obstacle and help you talk through any issues you might have.

She encourages you to try things

With an escort, you will be exposed to a new way of dating, this time filled with adventure, new things, and a whole range of date scenarios to enjoy. In terms of dating, intimacy, and pleasure, escorts know to keep you engaged and take part in doing things you have never tried before, but always wanted to. At the same time, you will do it all with maximum support on your escort's part.

She matches your energy

Finding a compatible companion is a great tool in becoming more experienced in dating and gaining the wanted confidence. So, when you and your escort click with your chemistry and personalities, you will find someone who is on your level and someone who makes you feel great about yourself. An escort, unlike a standard date, is there to match your energy and serve your needs, which will do wonders for your self-confidence.

Review of 3 VIP Escort Services: Travel, Dine, and Party in Style!

Escort services offer a wide range of options that clients will find fulfilling. Choosing a suitable escort service can depend on the client himself, his budget limits, the kind of experience he wants at a given time, the duration of the date he prefers, and more. Of course, with a reputable escort by your side, any service you choose will be delivered with utmost quality and professionalism.

But, if you are a fan of dating over elegant meals, partying, or finding a companion for an upcoming trip, here's a review of 3 related escort services to consider.

The Travel Escort Service

First off, the travel escort service. This tailored service can apply to different types of travel, including shorter and longer trips. Also referred to as the touring escort service, this scenario allows you to travel with an escort for longer periods of time, like a week or more. The purposes for this travel can vary from doing business across the country or even travelling abroad as part of your job. The service also applies to travelling for leisure and holiday scenarios.

The travel service can also apply to weekend-long scenarios, which are perfect when you want a short getaway but longer pleasure. Depending on the escort's availability, the duration of the service, and the details surrounding it, the rate may vary.

The Dinner Date Escort Service

Another ever-popular escort service is dinner dates. Dinner dates are the ideal choice of service for first-time clients who want to introduce themselves to the escort world properly. It is also a great service for all clients who enjoy refined dating at popular restaurants, bistros or lounge bars. Dinner dates are also among the more affordable escort services to book, and can easily be replaced with a brunch or a lunch date scenario if those fit your schedule better.

Dinner escort dates typically last for a couple of hours and can be preceded with drinks, or extended to outcalls, overnights etc. Choosing a great dinner date escort will require looking into her personality, availability, rates, experience, and former and current client reviews.

The Party Escort Service

For the kind of client who does not shy away from partying the night away, a party escort service can be the utmost fit. The party escort service puts you and a professional companion of your choice front and centre of the party. Whether it is a beach gathering and a bonfire, a ski or beach resort, or even a popular club or karaoke place, partying with an escort is a dream come true for enthusiasm seekers.

Party escort services can also apply to business functions or weddings, birthdays, etc. Keep in mind that, depending on the occasion and the escort herself, the rates may vary.