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In 2001, it was estimated that Wakefield had 76,886 residents. If you’re one of them, why not treat yourself to a Wakefield outcall? Our stunning escorts in Wakefield are happy to visit you at your home for an intimate night in. Alternatively, our Wakefield escorts could meet you at your hotel for a fun-filled evening.

With a number of places of interest, Wakefield attracts many visitors on day trips and short breaks. The city itself boasts a small art gallery and museum, although the highlight is undoubtedly the nearby National Coal Mining Museum for England. This fascinating museum documents the history of coal mining in Wakefield - which once boasted six pits within just two miles of the city centre – and other areas throughout the UK.

The city also has some wonderful historic buildings, which are perfect to explore with a Wakefield escort. Nostell Priory is a beautiful palladian house that was once home to the affluent Winn family. Now owned by the National Trust, the house is surrounded by 300 acres of beautiful park. The gorgeous gardens are open to the public, who can enjoy the wild flowers, lakes, rambling trails and brand-new orienteering course. Wakefield Cathedral is also a stunning building, which was built during the 14th and 15th centuries. At 75 metres tall, the cathedral’s spire is the tallest in Yorkshire and a real pleasure to view with a Wakefield escort.

Wakefield was dubbed the Merrie City in the Middle Ages and it is still a lively place. The Westgate area of the city has so many pubs, it is often referred to as the ‘Westgate Run’ and attracts drinkers from throughout Yorkshire. However, if you prefer a more sophisticated night out, you’ll find plenty of exclusive bars and restaurants in the city too. For an extra touch of class, why not invite a Wakefield escort to join you? Our ladies are so discreet; nobody will ever guess that she’s not your girlfriend.

To have an informal chat about our escorts in Wakefield or to make a booking, call us and speak to our receptionist.

The Soulful Experience You Need: Welcome to Wakefield Escorts VIP!

Stretch along the riverbank of the magical River Calder, Wakefield represents one of the liveliest towns in West Yorkshire. Known for its rich cultural and social life, Wakefield is the definition of timeless art and history. In addition, Wakefield is abundant in greenery and parks, which make the town an exquisite and tranquil place to be.

To make your time in Wakefield extra special, whether you are a local or a tourist, you can also arrange yourself a date to hang out with. That said, at the Wakefield escorts VIP agency you can find an escort fit to your needs and then, it’s onto exploring the town itself! If you were wondering about your date options, here is a list of the best places to see in Wakefield!

The Wakefield Cathedral

Settled in the immediate center of Wakefield, the Cathedral presents a Victorian monument that speaks of history, essence, and tradition. The church is open for a 45-minute tour, so if you are into doing fun and unique things on your first date, this is the perfect starting point.

The Sandal Castle

The beauty of medieval structures is undisputed which is why you have to visit the remarkable Sandal Castle. Overlooking River Calder, the castle offers free-of-charge touring and is one of the most breathtaking spots in town. Tell me, who doesn’t appreciate a romantic sunset, anyway?

The Chantry Chapel of St. Mary

This magnificent monument is categorized as Grade I building protected by the English Heritage Registry. An ancient monument and a slice of Wakefield’s history, the Chantry Chapel of St.Mary offers a variety of activities and greets you and your date with a cup of tea, biscuits included. Nice, right?

The Theatre Royal Wakefield build in 1894, this spending theatre has a Victorian feel and is host of countless events and performance acts. As such, the theatre guarantees full-on fun with your date and explodes with charms, architecture, and eventfulness!

The Nostell Priory and Parkland

Counted as one of the best places in Wakefield, Nostell Priory has been built way back in 1727. The detail of this estate fulfills all your senses, and for a 14 $ entrance, you and your date can enjoy spending time together on the property’s magical gardens.

The Newmillerdam Country Park

Established in the 1820s, Newmillerdam Country Park is an excellent place for a first date. With a bunch of activities available, including birdwatching, a magnificent lake to picnic at and the perfect scenery for warm kisses!

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Featuring some of the biggest names in local and foreign art, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park also goes by the name Treasure Hunt. With no entrance included, the park allows you to go sightseeing for hours and never get tired along the way! In other words, it’s just the right place if you want to make an impression.

Unity Works |Outstanding Wakefield Escorts Date.

Popular among locals, the Unity Works has hosted big band names, including Iron Maiden, The Ramones, and Def Leppard. Even today, the festival venue organizes great events for the lovers of energy, good vibes, and outstanding music.

Take Your Wakefield Escorts to Jazz!

The Wakefield Jazz Club probably does not get the credit it truly deserves. This incredible gem of a venue hosts known and climbing jazz performers at reasonable prices. Is this the best date idea yet? We think so.

Hepworth Wakefield

Another great attraction on this list is the Hepworth Wakefield, a venue where lots of known artists attend. Boasting a variety of shows and exhibitions, the venue is considered one of the “finest contemporary art museums in Europe”. And truth be told, it carries the title with pride!

A Top-Quality Date At Wakefield Escorts VIP!

Aside from the attractions and nature destinations; Wakefield also offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels, where you can party with your date. To make an escort booking, all you have to do is call the Wakefield escorts agency now! Presenting you with stellar date options and knockout services as well, you can make an outcall to any date you like. With a guaranteed discretion and plenty to look forward to – from sightseeing to quality time with your date- Wakefield invites you to let go and enjoy! 

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Things We Should Finally Learn about Sex!

Sex is centuries-old art, and yet, we still find ourselves clueless in many aspects revolving. Together with the skill of being a great lover, there are many other things we finally have to learn about sex. From hygiene to staying safe from pregnancy, UTIs and STDs, here are 9 of the 18 things we should be doing when having sex.

1. Forget the Pull-out Method

Pulling out won’t save you from unwanted pregnancy. Plus, it’s so old-school.

2.  Pee after Sex

Seriously, peeing after sex is the smartest thing to do in order to avoid infections and STDs, and it goes for both men and women. 

3. If You Need Lube, Use It

Using lube is almost required in sex, especially if you want a smoother and more arousing experience. Use it on yourself, use it on your partner…heck, use it for your sex toys, too. The more, the better! 

4. Regular Masturbation Keeps Your Prostate Healthier!

Oh, it really does. If you masturbate regularly (and then some!), you keep your prostate healthy and prevent stagnant fluid from building up inside it. What does this fluid have to do with anything? Oh, nothing, it just exposes you to a plethora of bacteria, but hey, it’s good to know solo action helps!

5. Antibiotics Make Birth Control Pills Ineffective!

Not only is this true, but taking certain antibiotics with birth control can also lead to other health issues. The best way to stay safe is to steer clear of combining both at the same time. 

6. 75% of Women Do Not Orgasm from Penetration Only!

Spread the word, women need so much more than penetration to orgasm. Have you heard about a little thing called prolonged foreplay? Yes, that old thing, do it more.

7. Don’t Make Important Decisions When Horny!

An odd one, but a truthful one nonetheless, making decisions when aroused is not recommended. Why? Well, with all the hormones flying around, it is difficult to rely on clear thinking when deciding something important. Therefore, it’s best you wait until the sex effects wear off. 

8. Speak Up When Something Feels Off!

Yes, no one deserves to suck it up and put up with something they don’t enjoy sexually. Got an issue with a position? Say it! Want your partner to try a new technique in bed? You guessed it, speaking up will help.

9. Hygiene First!

Trim your nails, shave in all the right places, wash your hands before getting ‘dirty’ and, well, chew a mint for crying out loud.

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The Perks of Booking an Overnight Escort Date

Overnight escort services are one of the most convenient booking types to consider. Unlike spending a few hours with your escort, or meeting at a particular time of the day, overnight escort dates allow you a more thorough escort service, more attention aimed your way and, of course, higher pleasure as a result.

Overnight escort dates are a great way to get introduced to more layered escort services, such as the GFE and travel dating. To give you an idea of what the service entails, here are the main advantages of booking an overnight escort date.

The Ice Breaker

Overnight escorts are highly trained and experienced in providing the service. Because of that, an overnight service can be the perfect way to have a look inside the exclusive world of VIP escorts. If you are a newbie or you want something more than several hours in an escort’s company, an overnight date will be the ideal starting point of what will be a mind-blowing experience.

Enough Time for Everything

An overnight date gives you the chance to have a full experience with an escort. This means you will have enough time to meet over for lunch or dinner, spend some time hanging out, introduce yourselves accordingly and develop the bond you need to end the night on a great note. As you’ll spend the entire night with an escort, you have plenty of room to evolve your chemistry and communication, which in other words means, all the more pleasure for you.

>Mornings are also in Play

When you date an overnight escort, you won’t always get the chance to spend the morning together, not entirely at least, especially if your escort has a busy schedule or another appointment to get to. However, in case your escort is available to hang around for a while, or you have asked for her morning company ahead of time, you can always have a few more hours to spend on each other in the morning.

Other Tips to Consider

● Booking outcalls is a more affordable option than booking an escort for several hours only. Not just in terms of the service cost, but also in terms of hotel stay (overnights come at a lower price).

● Discretion is ensured throughout the experience. Still, you can ask for more details to learn how your escort and agency will ensure your date is carried out privately.

● Though you’ll be with your escort all night long, paying for your date should still take place before your date begins - so get your total cost ready to hand to your escort and only then put things into motion.

Things to Do for Yourself Before Booking an Escort Date!

Whilst women are known for being the self-pampering kind, men are not as much. However, when it comes to top-notch escort dating, some personal indulgence is always due. Apart from dating an escort, which is a splurge in itself, clients also need to set themselves in the right mindset and thus prepare for their date better. Dating an escort is supposed to be that fulfilling, rich experience that you enjoy in fullness.

So, to be in tune with yourself and be your best self on your date, here are a few things to treat yourself with ahead of booking your escort date.


Exercise plays a key role in feeling good about yourself, feeling confident, and maintaining that physical and emotional stamina. All combined will make for a superb escort date as it will help you be assured around your escort, relax and have the most fun you had. Exercising also releases the feel-good hormones, like oxytocin and adrenaline, which will remove all stress away and give you a clean dating sleight.


There’s nothing wrong about heading to a spa appointment solo and get yourself prepped for your escort date. Spa centres come in all shapes and sizes these days, and it’s highly encouraged to get a massage, attend a sauna, swim, and enjoy some pedicure. Also, consider the regular grooming routine, which includes shaving, haircuts, using perfume, having a mint on you, as well as fresh clothes – it all counts as part of the sublime experience.

Plan It Well

Especially if you want to spend more time with your escort, yet stay discreet about it, it’s pivotal you plan your date ahead of time. Think about the time of day you’ll meet, the places you’ll visit for the date, the accommodation at hand, and the availability of your escort. With that, you can book your escort date in advance and make room for the date at a time when it works the best for you. This will also give you time to shake off any other plans for that day and have a cover in case your privacy is exposed.


One of the favours you can do for yourself when booking an escort is research. The more you learn what your options are – escort and service-wise – the more informed and compatible decision you will make. There’s no rush in finding your pleasure – so take your time tailoring your dream date!