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Wetherby VIP Escorts: The Best of Professional Dating!

Wetherby Escorts VIP welcomes you the world of top-quality escort dating!

With a gallery of over twenty different escorts; it is our mission to find Wetherby gentlemen the company of their dreams. When it comes to top-class dating; the Wetherby VIP escort agency has a superb escort gallery to choose from and plenty of dating services to match all your preferences. At our agency; you can find any type of date- from dinner and plus-one dates, to travel company and something a bit edgier.

Perfect for spending intimate moments together; bonding, and connecting with someone on a deeper level, here is why dating Wethherby’s top escorts is worth your booking!

Meet Our Escorts!

Wetherby VIP is an escort agency offering professional and intimate female company to gentlemen living in Wetherby and its nearby areas.

Through our website, you can scroll through our catalogue of available escorts; and take a sneak peek inside the exclusive gallery of photos. The Wetherby escort centre has always recruited the finest escort ladies in the area; all experienced and trained to provide the best company and pleasure. Inside our gallery; you will meet any type of escort you want - blondes, brunettes, matures, teens, ebony and Asian ladies, bisexuals, couple escorts, and more. Stunning and inviting, Wetherby’s escorts guarantee you the ultimate privacy during your date and unforgettable time spent together!

All about Our Wetherby Escort VIP Services!

Dating an escort at Wetherby VIP comes with lots of fun services you can use. This means that you can book a variety of dates with any of our available escorts, including:


Making an outcall means that you can meet any Wetherby escort at your home, a hotel, or at another location of your choosing. What this also means is that you can make dinner reservations, hit the pubs, or party somewhere in town. With that, outcalls are also great for exploring the town; organising a picnic at the park, or going to the movie theater. If you live outside Wetherby; please give your escort time to arrive at your location and consider booking your date in advance.

Overnight Stays

Once you meet your escort and you have your date, you might want to spend the night together. That is where overnight bookings come in and give you the chance to enjoy the company of your escort throughout the night; and, at a reduced hourly fee!


Sometimes, a relationship-like routine might give you a higher sense of balance. As a top service at Wetherby VIP, the Girlfriend Experience provides just that. If you care about maintaining a professional, casual, and super-pleasing escort experience, the GFE is your dream-come-true scenario.

Bisexual Dating

Dating two Whetherby escorts at once sounds like your hottest fantasy and we guarantee it is! Racy, raunchy, and revolutionary, a three-way date is all about experimenting and having double the fun.

Couple Escorts

Couples who don’t mind some extra company by our top Wetherby babes can book a couple’s escort date and enjoy a whole lot of hotness; VIP favors, and another kind of a three-way.

Call us to Book a Date!

By making a phone call or sending an email to our agency, you can book your VIP escort day today! Please check for escort availability on our website and let our team know the details of your arrangement. Whether you need more booking information or need a restaurant recommendation for your date; our wonderful booking team is here to help you every step of the way!

Our offices are open every day of the week, from 10 am until late at night. When booking your date for a location outside Wetherby, please do so in advance. If you decide to book your date through email; please give our team some time to go over your inquiry and confirm it.

Want to Become an Wetherby Escort?

If you feel like you would make a great escort; you can apply to join the Wetherby escort roster through our online application form!

A Date in Wetherby!

Wetherby is a great place to have your first escort date and can keep you entertained for as long as you please. If you decide to have a nice dinner at a pub or a restaurant; you can make a reservation at the top-rated Mangoor Bar Three. To make the most of your time together; you can always spend a day at the Innersense Aesthetics spa centre or visit the astonishing Spofforth Castle. Of course, you are welcome to spend your date at a hotel; where you can wine, dine, enjoy a spa experience, and room service, too! Our top hotel picks in Wetherby include Days Inn and Mercure Wetherby.

Find Out More About Our Escorts and Special Offers!

Our Wetherby escorts are not only beautiful and sexy women, but they also love to make special offers to their clients! If you want to be among the first who learn about these offers, then why not sign up for our newsletter. You'll find the form at the bottom of the page. Once you subscribe to our newsletter, we'll send you the hottest information straight to your inbox. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Finally, don't forget to bookmark out site. That way you can find us easily when you're ready to book or if you want to come back and leave a review after meeting one of our stunning ladies.

Become An Escort In Wetherby

Are you a lady in Wetherby thinking of becoming a Wetherby escort? Why not join our top Wetherby escort agency? You can apply very easily by completing the application form on our Escort Wanted page. Once we receive your application we will get in touch with you to arrange an informal meeting.

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Ask of an Escort!

When dating professional escorts, as a client, you are entitled to maximum pleasure; discretion, and the utmost service provided by your chosen date. Every client who books an escort for a date hopes to have a splendid experience that is in accordance with his chosen services and expectations. Even so, there is also the need for the client to be considerate when asking his escort to fulfil a certain fantasy or service.

No matter what you agree on and choose as part of your escort experience; there are some things that clients should simply never ask of their escorts, 4 of which we list below.

Providing an Additional Service!

One of the things clients should never demand from their escort is for her to include an additional service to their already booked experience – especially free of charge. Unfortunately, escorts do not do clients such favours; and if you really want to mix and match services; keep in mind that you might be asked to pay an extra fee for the addition. In all other cases, asking for pro bono services; just because you feel like it; can make your escort feel uncomfortable or forced to negotiate services – something that just doesn’t happen in professional dating.

Stay Longer than Booked!

Aside from asking for extra services for free; another thing to avoid doing when in an escort’s company is asking her to overstay her welcome. As escorts work on busy schedules, your date might not be able to stay an extra hour – even if you pay for it. Even if it’s possible for your escort to hang out for a while longer; keep in mind that every extra hour you spend together will come at a service price. The best way to ensure your escort stays put for as much time as you want is to initially book a longer date with her.

Give up Her Personal Info!

Yes, many clients love to know personal details about their escorts; such as their real name, phone number, address of living, side career, family life, and more. However, as curious as you are, don’t expect an escort to ever reveal that information to you – as she shouldn’t. Escorts, just like clients; are very protective of their privacy and discretion and will refuse to provide any details regarding her lifestyle outside escorting.

Providing a Service She Doesn’t Offer!

Finally, going back to escort services, it is crucial that you know which ones your escort provides and doesn’t. If you want a two-girl fantasy; for example, but your escort is not bisexual, your date won’t accept the offer to service you, simply because that type of service is not on her repertoire.

The Perks of Booking an Escort Experience!

Dating an escort is most men's fantasy and it's obvious why. Not only are escorts beautiful and fit, but they are also smart, sexy, flirty, and playful. Plus, they can pamper a client like no other, and do it all with class and sass. Be it a weekend away, a dinner arrangement, or any other service booking, you can be sure escorts will do everything to provide you a wonderful experience.

The Perks of Dating a VIP Escort

Well, there is plenty to love about escort dating, but if you are new to the party or want to learn more, here are all the sweet reasons about escort dating.

You Get Freedom

Escort dating means you can have the quality of a relationship without being in one. You are not emotionally attached to your escort and she's not falling for you. You have a brilliant time together and have the best fun, and somehow you still keep your private life private and your pleasure aside.

No Intros or Awkwardness

While you have to introduce yourself to your escort, you don't have to make it an awkward thing. You can simply let your escort work her magic and greet you as she thinks best, and we're pretty sure you'll like it. Escorts are casual, chatty, and dynamic and won't let any weird moments spoil your mood, so when meeting her for the first time, if unsure, let her take the wheel.

Killing Loneliness with You

Clients who simply want to hang out in good company and fight their blues away can find great comfort in professional escorts. Escorts are cosy to be around with, travel with, and share your life with – as much as you see fit. There's not prying in each other's personal life, and there's no drama. It's actually that specifically designed smooth sail experience that keeps clients coming back for more. If you want to hang for a few hours, go to dinner, the movies, or stay in, your escort will be your instant company – and the best one you've had.

The Privacy You Want

Clients like escorts for plenty of reasons – pleasure, company, and fulfilling a fantasy- but they also love their ability to keep it all low-key. Professional escorts pride on their ability to keep a client safe and discrete in her company, and no matter where you are, she'll make you look great.

Outcall Escort Date Options: What to Choose?

Outcall escort dating is a type of service that clients simply love to book. In an outcall escort date, the chosen escort meets the client at a place of his choosing. The meeting place for outcalls is typically a private setting, like the client's home, a designated apartment, or a private hotel. No matter the case, here is a little intro on your outcall escort date options, along with essential tips for each scenario.

1. A Hotel

If you have booked an outcall escort date at a hotel, you're in for a wild ride! When booking hotels for escort dates, it is crucial that you choose a hotel that is super private and reputable, so the activities of your arrangement are not exposed. It is recommended that you book a hotel that is closer to the centre of town, especially if you are planning on having dinner and drinks first. An outcall escort date at a hotel should also be booked in advance, so your escort has time to arrive at the hotel. When meeting your escort at a hotel, you should make acquaintances at the front gate and enter the hotel together. However, you can also wait for your escort at the hotel bar. Or, you can simply instruct the escort to announce herself at the front desk and meet you directly in your room.

2. A Client's Home

This option is quite popular among clients but also comes with a few precautionary measures to consider. For one, if the client lives farther away from town, he should allow his escort an extra hour so she can arrive at the location accordingly. Also, when meeting an outcall escort at home, you should ensure the space is escort-friendly, neat, and clean. Another thing to consider when inviting an outcall escort to your home is the entrance. For maximum privacy and discretion, allow your escort to enter through the back gate of your home. If your housing has no back entrance, choose an ‘odd hour' of the day for your escort date, so she's not spotted coming or leaving your home.

3. A Designated Apartment

Sometimes, clients will book an apartment as the safest option for their outcall escort date. In doing so, clients should ensure the apartment chosen is furnished well and that it is close to the centre of town or the escort agency. Especially if you are planning on getting hot and heavy for your outcall, booking an apartment will serve you in terms of privacy, discretion, and greater freedom.