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Wetherby VIP Escorts: The Best of Professional Dating!

Wetherby Escorts VIP welcomes you the world of top-quality escort dating!

With a gallery of over twenty different escorts; it is our mission to find Wetherby gentlemen the company of their dreams. When it comes to top-class dating; the Wetherby VIP escort agency has a superb escort gallery to choose from and plenty of dating services to match all your preferences. At our agency; you can find any type of date- from dinner and plus-one dates, to travel company and something a bit edgier.

Perfect for spending intimate moments together; bonding, and connecting with someone on a deeper level, here is why dating Wethherby’s top escorts is worth your booking!

Meet Our Escorts!

Wetherby VIP is an escort agency offering professional and intimate female company to gentlemen living in Wetherby and its nearby areas.

Through our website, you can scroll through our catalogue of available escorts; and take a sneak peek inside the exclusive gallery of photos. The Wetherby escort centre has always recruited the finest escort ladies in the area; all experienced and trained to provide the best company and pleasure. Inside our gallery; you will meet any type of escort you want - blondes, brunettes, matures, teens, ebony and Asian ladies, bisexuals, couple escorts, and more. Stunning and inviting, Wetherby’s escorts guarantee you the ultimate privacy during your date and unforgettable time spent together!

All about Our Wetherby Escort VIP Services!

Dating an escort at Wetherby VIP comes with lots of fun services you can use. This means that you can book a variety of dates with any of our available escorts, including:


Making an outcall means that you can meet any Wetherby escort at your home, a hotel, or at another location of your choosing. What this also means is that you can make dinner reservations, hit the pubs, or party somewhere in town. With that, outcalls are also great for exploring the town; organising a picnic at the park, or going to the movie theater. If you live outside Wetherby; please give your escort time to arrive at your location and consider booking your date in advance.

Overnight Stays

Once you meet your escort and you have your date, you might want to spend the night together. That is where overnight bookings come in and give you the chance to enjoy the company of your escort throughout the night; and, at a reduced hourly fee!


Sometimes, a relationship-like routine might give you a higher sense of balance. As a top service at Wetherby VIP, the Girlfriend Experience provides just that. If you care about maintaining a professional, casual, and super-pleasing escort experience, the GFE is your dream-come-true scenario.

Bisexual Dating

Dating two Whetherby escorts at once sounds like your hottest fantasy and we guarantee it is! Racy, raunchy, and revolutionary, a three-way date is all about experimenting and having double the fun.

Couple Escorts

Couples who don’t mind some extra company by our top Wetherby babes can book a couple’s escort date and enjoy a whole lot of hotness; VIP favors, and another kind of a three-way.

Call us to Book a Date!

By making a phone call or sending an email to our agency, you can book your VIP escort day today! Please check for escort availability on our website and let our team know the details of your arrangement. Whether you need more booking information or need a restaurant recommendation for your date; our wonderful booking team is here to help you every step of the way!

Our offices are open every day of the week, from 10 am until late at night. When booking your date for a location outside Wetherby, please do so in advance. If you decide to book your date through email; please give our team some time to go over your inquiry and confirm it.

Want to Become an Wetherby Escort?

If you feel like you would make a great escort; you can apply to join the Wetherby escort roster through our online application form!

A Date in Wetherby!

Wetherby is a great place to have your first escort date and can keep you entertained for as long as you please. If you decide to have a nice dinner at a pub or a restaurant; you can make a reservation at the top-rated Mangoor Bar Three. To make the most of your time together; you can always spend a day at the Innersense Aesthetics spa centre or visit the astonishing Spofforth Castle. Of course, you are welcome to spend your date at a hotel; where you can wine, dine, enjoy a spa experience, and room service, too! Our top hotel picks in Wetherby include Days Inn and Mercure Wetherby.

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Our Wetherby escorts are not only beautiful and sexy women, but they also love to make special offers to their clients! If you want to be among the first who learn about these offers, then why not sign up for our newsletter. You'll find the form at the bottom of the page. Once you subscribe to our newsletter, we'll send you the hottest information straight to your inbox. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Finally, don't forget to bookmark out site. That way you can find us easily when you're ready to book or if you want to come back and leave a review after meeting one of our stunning ladies.

Become An Escort In Wetherby

Are you a lady in Wetherby thinking of becoming a Wetherby escort? Why not join our top Wetherby escort agency? You can apply very easily by completing the application form on our Escort Wanted page. Once we receive your application we will get in touch with you to arrange an informal meeting.

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How to Have a More Tailored Escort Experience!

Escorts services clients love can be further tailored and specified to their needs and preferences. There are many ways to enjoy a more personalized escort service aimed at your actual desires and expectations.

When dating an escort, here are the tips to give you a more personal experience:

Share and Communicate

If you really want to get that escort date on the road, you need to learn to communicate. It’s unfair to assume that your date will read your mind. But, if you share the things you want and need from the date, and if you can communicate your expectations better, you will have the chance to spend a more customized escort date. Of course, a few dates in, your escort will pick up the pace and begin learning what triggers your needs, yet it’s wise to always take the time to communicate and reach mutual understanding.

Ask in Advance

In case you have a specific desire or plan in mind but are unsure if it’s part of the service you want to book, we recommend you ask your agency about it. This is better than anticipating something out of a service and end up disappointed when you realize it is not. Agencies are very detailed on the services their escort recruits offer and will provide you all essential information on what goes and what might suit you better. The more detailed or longer the service is, the happier you’ll be in terms of customizability. However, longer or specified services can cost more, so it’s best to ask.

Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew

Say you are a new client who had always wanted to book a two-girl escort fantasy or an overnight stay. These two services are extraordinary, yes, yet for a first-timer, they may be a handful. As a beginner, you want to be able to manage your role in the escort date, so it’s recommended you start with a familiar scenario, like an outing or a dinner date. Down the line, you will still have plenty of time to explore your options and try a riper fruit.

Give and Ask for Feedback

This is yet another way to have a more fulfilling experience. Asking for feedback shouldn’t be shameful nor done in a hurtful manner. Your escort will be happy to point you in the right direction or offer her advice on a dating matter. If you feel like your escort could improve her service in some way, feel free to share it, so she can adjust her service. Again, no hard feelings and consideration need to be part of the feedback exchange if it’s going to work.

How to Break the Ice with an Escort?

First-time clients who have never dated an escort but would want to might find the experience a bit tense. Although there is no real reason for tension between the client and his escort, some clients find it harder to break the ice the right way. This is quite normal, as the client and escort ought to enjoy a date that offers a certain service, yet they also need to get familiar with one another as well.

For clients who need assistance in pulling the right strings during their escort date, here are a few ice-breakers to consider.

1. Proper Introduction

Many clients wonder how they will first greet their escort when they meet her. Although a kiss on the cheek might be a go-to move for many clients, we suggest you take it down a notch. When you meet your escort, either shake her hand or go in for a brief hug, especially if she seems more affectionate. If you cannot decide on the right course of action, it is also recommended that you let your escort decide how you’ll meet and greet.

2. Timely Payment

Another way to break the ice between you and your escort is to make the payment before your date starts. Ideally, you want to pay your escort in full, and 5 minutes on your date. This will let your escort know that you are a reliable client and will therefore relax much faster without dreading whether she’ll be paid.

3. Start with a Compliment

When everything else fails, compliments are your best friends. However, even compliments can be overdone, so ensure you praise your escort in a way that doesn’t sound fake or overboard. The best compliments are the ones you really mean, so if you like the way your escort looks, smells, or makes you feel, let her know. Escorts love to know they have an effect on you and it will cause for a more wholesome experience.

4. Conversation Topics

The best form of conversation with your escort is a direct and transparent one. That’s the only way she can develop your chemistry and ensure your date is headed the right way. Think of different conversation topics that might be of interest to you both. That said, keep your family life private for the first couple of dates, or permanently if you prefer it that way. If you cannot bring yourself to think of a conversation topic, it’s best to ask your escort a question and let her set the pace.

4 Things that Build Intimacy with an Escort!

Escort dating provides clients pure satisfaction and fulfillment with each service they choose. Oftentimes, clients will decide to book a sultrier escort service, like an outcall, an overnight stay, or the GFE. When such a service is booked, clients need to make their best efforts to create suitable chemistry between them and their escort. Aside from actual physical intimacy, there are also simpler gestures that can help you enhance the intimacy factor with your escort – read them all below.

1. Compliments

Escorts love compliments so be the kind of client who does not shy away from spilling the good beans. Let your escort know how good she looks, or compliment her punctuality or manners. Also, you can pay her a compliment on the service she’s providing and let her know that you’re enjoying her company to the fullest. Compliments are the smoothest and simplest way to an escort’s heart and will earn you extra points for whatever is to come.

2. Discrete Touches

Instead of initiating physical intimacy or bonding, begin slowly and let your body language do the talking. Discrete touches, like setting your escort’s hair or gently caressing her hand speak more about a client than getting down in the nude and calling it a date. The way you connect with an escort is established from the very start, so before you even hit the bedroom, intertwine those seemingly irrelevant but oh-so-important touches as part of your play.

3. Inviting not Ordering

When booking an escort date, the details of what’s going to happen aside from the service booked, are up for the client and escort to agree on. That said, it is always best to share your expectations and ideas with your escort first, instead of demanding that something happens. When you can brainstorm your ideas and share your boundaries, you can find a common scenario that ensures you both a superb date together.

4. A Tip

If your escort date has gone brilliantly, it is always recommended that your tip your escort by the end of it. Tipping an escort is not mandatory but is advised when you want to pay your date as an extra token of appreciation. Tipping is always done in cash and once the date ends. Also, when considering tipping an escort, avoid handing her the money, but instead, place them in an envelope and leave it somewhere close for the escort to find.