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York is a popular tourist destination with a rich history and many places of interest. One of the highlights of the city is York Minster, which is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe. Standing in the centre of York, the Minster is an imposing yet beautiful structure, which would be perfect to visit with a girlfriend or York escort. Alternatively, you could enjoy a romantic ramble around the historic city walls with an escort in York. These walls were built in Roman times and their ruins still surround the city.

Tourists also flock to visit the JORVIK Viking centre, although you’ll rarely be able to visit this attraction without braving a large queue. The centre is built on the site of some major Viking excavations and it recreates life from this time with pigsties, latrines, replica figures and sounds. Even the smells in JORVIK are loyal to the time of the Vikings, so you’re guaranteed to have fun here.

Due to the high number of visitors to the city, York boasts a range of accommodation to suit any budget. Whether you decide to stay in a cheap guesthouse or a luxury hotel, your evenings there could certainly be enhanced by the company of a York escort. If you book a York outcall with one of our beautiful ladies, you can’t fail to have a romantic evening together.

Despite the city’s emphasis on tradition, you’ll also find some thriving nightlife in York. There are some cosy old pubs serving real ale here, as well as exclusive bars and elite clubs. You’ll also find some gorgeous restaurants in the city, so why not treat a beautiful York escort to dinner?

If you’re one of the 192,000 people that live in this beautiful city, you can also benefit from the services of a York escort. Simply call McKenzies, book a York outcall and we’ll arrange for one of our beautiful ladies to visit you at your home.

Call us now to discuss escorts in York or book a York outcall.

York Escorts Fun, Entertainment, and Experiences!

No other town in the UK counts as vivid and dynamic as York. Although most of the area here belongs to Yorkshire, York is still its own capital and wears the crown like a champion. Not just a town capital, York is also the capital of the Church of England, which makes it historically valuable and intriguing to visit.

The city is majestic to stroll around and showcases the finest pieces of architecture, the most splendid natural views and loads of positive energy in the streets. When it comes to having fun, dating in York is one of the best ways to experience the city. You can book your company at the York escorts agency, and as for your date itinerary, here is a list of places and attractions in York you cannot miss out on!  

York Minster.

Built-in AD 627, the York Minster represents one of the most important monuments of history in York, The church was once destroyed, and later renewed, showcasing its present Gothic design. A wonderful first date idea, the church is known for its stained glass windows, galleries, artifacts and more. In the church’s vicinity there are plenty of cafés and restaurants as well, where you can your date can have a cup of coffee and spend time in the open.

York’s Medieval City Walls.

York is a city known for its medieval city walls, guarded by four preserved gates: Walmgate Bar, Monk Bar, and Bootham Bar, and Micklegate Bar with its three knights. From the walls itself, you can go to the top and enjoy a marvelous sunset and the York Minster right below you.

Clifford's Tower.

York is a city of bridges, between which there are many significant sights to see. Such is the York Castle with its recognizable Clifford’s Tower, and a location between the Fishergate and Skeldergate Bridge. Built out of wood in 1068, the castle was reconstructed in the 13th century and offers an abundance of magnificent views, reachable on foot.

York Escorts Urban Adventure.

Considered among the top attractions in York, the Shambles is a street of all trades. The street divides in tiny alleys filled with coffee places, stalls, and shops, which make it ideal for an urban adventure in a pair. Here, you will also find exquisite tearooms and the incredible Snickelways, recognizable alleys which connect to York’s old city.

Viking Exprince Date with York Escorts.

With an adventure in mind, take your date to the Jorvik Viking Centre, located in Coppergate. The center has rich data on life back in the Viking days, and offers a glimpse into the medieval workshops and traditionally built houses. That said, you can catch the spirit of the Viking period and dress up accordingly for a couple of photos!

National Railway Museum.

York’s National Railway Museum will impress you with its collection of locomotives and carriages, old as early as 1820 and onwards. The Great Hall of the museum hosts various exhibitions, and you can also see trains used by Queen Victoria herself. If you plan on making an impression on your date, this is how you do it. 

Yorkshire Museum and Gardens.

Combine nature and museums and you get yourself a knockout of the two right in downtown York! The Yorkshire Museum is owner of the known 1,000-year-old Cawood Sword, which depicts a moment in the time of Vikings. Within the museum itself you can also find its gardens, spread on 10 acres of land, and showcasing over 40 different species of birds, trees, and flowers.

Stonegate and Barley Hall.

In York, this is one of the finest shopping quarters you’ll come across. Covered in cobbles and oozing charm and delight, this area is also close to the St. Helen's Church and the Mansion House, designed by Lord Burlington. The townhouse Stonegate is Barley Hall is meant to fascinate and startle you, so feel free to let it. 

York Escorts Riverbank Date.

Whether by boat or on foot, the riverbank of River Ouse divides York in two. The riverbank explodes with pops of colors from nearby gardens and demonstrates the true impact of local architecture. Romantic, easygoing and intimate, this experience is a must when in York!

To book a private, discreet, hot and thrilling outcall date in York, and see the city in a whole different light, call the York escorts agency today! 

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5 Extra Tips for the Steamiest Shower Sex!

Having sex in the shower is one of the hottest scenarios that can happen. However, unlike what you see in the movies, shower sex is not always as smooth in real life. From slippery tiles to not having enough room to move inside the shower, the challenges can be tricky. But, if you are determined to make shower sex work, you can!

To prove just that, here are 5 sexy tips that will set your shower cabin on fire!

Shower Sex: Pause the Idea of Intercourse!

Despite being the main objective of sex, intercourse is the last thing you’d want to try in the shower. Instead, do all sexy things that lead up to it and use the shower as your foreplay ground. You can engage in oral sex, kiss, stimulate one another, and use waterproof toys in the shower. I guarantee you, soapy foreplay will do more for your orgasm than actual penetration will.

Washing Each Other!

If you care for intimacy, bonding, and closeness, a great tip to try in the shower is to wash your partner’s body and have them return the favor. Being washed is kind of a private experience, so trusting a woman to do it can be very arousing and personal. As you want to do the same for your partner or date, enhance your body-washing skills by also giving her a massage. 

Shower Sex: Standing-up Positions!

If you do opt for penetration during shower sex, you will have to come up with suitable positions. For instance, if your shower is tall, standing positions will work best. Here, you can try the standing doggy style or the one-leg-up position. If your shower is smaller, you should consider taking things to the floor and engage in some lotus or classic doggy.


Just because you are in the shower doesn’t mean you won’t need additional lubricant. Unlike water, oil-based or silicone-based lubes provide a different kind of wetness- the one that creates sexual arousal and stimulation. Keep in mind that when choosing a lubricant, you want it to be free of parabens, glycerin, and petrochemicals.

In case you are using a condom in the shower, silicone lube works better than oil-based lubes, which can damage the latex. 

Shower Sex: Waterproof Toys!

Let your time under the shower count as a full steamy session and bring out the waterproof sex toys! If you don’t have any waterproof toys, you can use props such as binds and cushions, or play with temperature.   

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The Pro Advice Escorts Have for Clients Booking a Date!

When you want to master the ins and outs of escort dating, there is no greater resource of tips and information than a professional dater herself. Escorts are the ultimate guides into the alluring world of professional dating and come packed with various tips and tricks to help all clients have a better experience in their company.

From a professional aspect, there are a few things escorts would wish clients knew about booking a date and making the most of it. For you, we handpicked a few essential escort-approved tips to get you there.

1.Don’t Be Shy

Though it is easier said than done, being open and ready for your escort date, with no ounce of shyness behind it, is the way to go. Escorts tend to clients who cannot overcome their shyness or them being reserved and introverted. However, for clients who are just experiencing discomfort only because they are dating an escort - put those thoughts away. Your escort wou ld love to see your cheekier side come out and play, so leave all reservations at the doorstep and become your wild and free self, even if for that one date.

2.Do Ask

Escorts can guess, at least in part, what you, as a client, may want out of your service. However, they have a better way of understanding your needs when you are open to them and are transparent in expressing what you want. If you cannot decide what you want exactly, you can always ask questions and have your escort answer them accordingly. Also, discussing your likes and dislikes is important to mention to your escort, so she doesn’t mistake the service provided.

3.Keep It Clean as Can Be

It may seem redundant of a lesson, yet keeping your hygiene optimal for your escort date is a must. All escorts will tell you, personal grooming and cleanness are both paramount in experiencing a superb date. Showering, grooming, shaving, and putting on your best clothes are as important as you booking your date, as without proper self-care, rarely any escort will agree to see you.

4.Vocabulary Check

Many clients are not aware of how to talk to escorts or address them when together. Well, although there is nothing different from dating a regular date, escorts are indeed the utmost companionship you can find, so finesses are important. Like finesse, you should also catch up on the latest escort terminology, so you can understand the service you are booking in full.

Risky Behaviours That Can Ruin Your Escort Date!

Rightful etiquette plays a significant role in quality escort dating. For clients, it is of utmost importance to nurture a proper attitude whenever meeting an escort. Unfortunately, even despite having booked an escort, there are certain behavioural patterns that can turn the date sour and, sadly, terminate the date before it even has the chance to develop further.

VIP escorts have their own requirements from clients in terms of acting right and being mindful. So, we thought we’d lend you a helping hand in mastering your attitude around an escort and steering clear of habits and practices that can cause turbulence during your date.

Things to Avoid Doing When Seeing an Escort

Don’t overdo it – being too kind, too open, too emotional, anything that’s overly done or pushed will leave the wrong impression before your escort. Instead of seeming needy or trying too much to impress your escort, try taking things slow and one step at a time.

Eradicate stress

A date with an escort is supposed to help you relieve stress and anxiety so bringing either to the occasion will only put extra strain on you and your date.


Being a nitpicker is a less than favourable trait to adopt, as it leaves your escort confused as to how to keep you happy. To change this and have fewer remarks regarding your date, drop your expectations and instead, try to communicate things in detail with your date.

Avoid drama.

There’s no need to pick up a fight with an escort or stir the pot unnecessarily. The idea of escort dating is to give you a proper experience with no drama in it, so don’t leave any room for tension.

Overly dominant.

Escorts appreciate a client who can show a great deal of confidence, but that does not mean being totally controlling of the date. Domination is fun as a kink, but in practice, it can be quite suffocating, even for your escort.

Delayed payments.

This should be no topic to debate – paying an escort should never be delayed or debated. When you agree to a service, it is only fair you compensate for it as agreed and pay your escort in full before the date commences.

Underground date locations

Come on now, you can do so much better than hiding in the odd parts of town with your escort and settling for a less than satisfying experience. Escorts are classy and elegant, so don’t take away from the quality of your date in the name of on-budget and shady dining.