Top 7 Sex Positions for Lovers of Quickies!

Don’t you just love a quickie every now and then? Whether before heading out, after a party or simply for the heck of it, quickies are excellent in providing pleasure, fun and excitement, all at once. When a quickie comes to your mind, it is relevant to know your surroundings and therefore, your options.

In order to ensure you a hot and spicy quickie each and every time, here are the top 7 go-to sex positions to try!

Lovers of Quickies: The Ballet Dancer

Face your partner while you’re both standing up and take one of her legs around your hip. From here, you can penetrate easily and support your partner at the waist, too. The position is not only effective, it is also one of the easiest positions to pull off, no matter where you are.

The Throne!

In this case, the name speaks for itself. Take a chair and have your partner sit in it, with her legs overlapping the chair sides. This way, you get a full-frontal, ideal for some oral play or penetration, but before you do, save your knees some pain and use a cushion for support.

The Candle!

This position puts the focus on the man alone. While he’s standing up, the babe comes before his legs, kneeling and ready to blow his…mind. As soon as you get your pleasure, however, it is advised your return the favor and engage in reverse-candle.

Lovers of Quickies: Lapping!

A very cozy position to do, in this case, the woman sits in the man’s lap, her back turned to his face. While not much movement is involved in this one, you get to play with your partner’s body while rocking back and forth.

Down the Stairs!

It’s a simple scenario really, and similar to the previous one. Instead of having your partner on your lap in bed, take the action to the stairs and enjoy the thrill surging your body! For extra stability, the woman can hold on to the handrail. 

Counter Check

If the kitchen seems like an exciting place for a quickie, pop your partner onto the counter and go in all the way. If the counter is not matching your height, you can always try the dining table or a chair.

Lovers of Quickies: In the Air!

Where in the Ballet Dancer the woman is half standing in front of you, here she’s in your arms, her legs locked behind your back. The position offers less mess but more physical strength, but nevertheless, it ends with a bang! 


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