11 Travel-Inspiring Reasons to Visit Manchester!

Let your urge to travel lead to you Manchester, hands’ down one of the finest cities in the UK! Put the rain and misconceptions aside and dive into a whole new way of living in the midst of a city that gives secret cravings a fabulous name!

Manchester is a city of contrasts – its staggering industrial background lies nearby mesmerizing natural parks and reserves. Its unique and timeless architecture is enriched with a dose of modernism and an inviting contemporary feel. It is explosively busy in the streets and heavenly serene behind the curtains. All in all, if you had to set your mind on visiting one of the best cities in the UK, put Manchester high up on your travel bucket list!

Need some more convincing? Here are 11 extraordinary things to do and see in Manchester!

Old Trafford Museum

You don’t have to be a fan of football to love Manchester’s commitment to it! In the very heart of the city is the Old Trafford Museum; one of the most important sport legacies of Manchester United, the city’s favorite club! For fans; the museum presents the greatest successes of the club itself and takes you on a hype trip down football memory lane!

Right after your visit: Take a detour from the museum and step into China Town; where the energy is buzzing and the people wave you into their own little worlds! A great lunching spot, too, here you can find some of the best restaurants, bistros, and taverns. 

Manchester Cathedral

Don’t turn your head from visiting this monumental landmark, as the Manchester Cathedral is anything but boring! Built in 1215, the Manchester Cathedral is a relaxing haven for travelers ravenous for some peace and quiet. Not just that; the Cathedral itself is as Victorian and Gothic as architecture gets, and boasts stunning surroundings in a more than easygoing setting! 

Right after your visit: If you have time to explore some more; we warmly invite you to hop off to the renowned John Rylands Library! A literature cradle where book dreams come to thrive, the library has its own reading room, still available to use today. The library oozes a Gothic feel, and gets the romantic and lyrical genius out of all its visitors!  

Manchester Art Gallery

In the very busy and lively city centre is the Manchester Art Gallery, a cozy and welcoming nest for lovers of art and touches of elegance. The art gallery exhibits plenty of artwork, dating from the pre-Raphaelite era, as well as other worldwide known artists.

A place of comfort, class, and exuberance, you can’t help but imagine yourself walking down the gallery’s hallways with a glass of champagne in your hand!

Right after your visit: Treat yourself with a visit to Salford Quays, one of Manchester’s most popular urban areas; where you can go shopping, tour the canal and enjoy the nightly flickering lights of Machester’s divine cityscape! 

The National Football Museum

Aside from Manchester United, the National Football Museum introduces you to the rich history and background of the second most popular club around Manchester City. The museum is quite engaging and interactive and gives out the impression of what Manchester is – a city which lives and breathes football.

Right after your visit: Get the football momentum going and visit the known Manchester City Stadium for an unforgettable tour! Moreover, if you are traveling during the active season, you might be even as lucky to watch a live game.

Natural Resources

Although it is one of the most prominent industrial cities in the country, Manchester doesn’t lag behind on natural resorts. Fans of greenery and parks can easily visit Heaton Park; which is well connected to the city and spans across a surface of 200 acres.

For a more rural and hike-inspired adventure; you can always head to the wildly untamed Blackley Forest and find untouched natural riches. In addition; if you are keen on open water surfaces; explore Chorlton Water Park, which has been strategically formed around a central lake, depicting a postcard-worthy setting! 

Right after your visit: End your into-the-wild adventure with a dose of urbanism and relax at some of the top partying spots in Manchester.

You can find plenty of live gigs as well as great food and drinks at hotspots such as Matt and Phred’s Jazz Club, our number-one pick!

Pack your bags, you’re going to Manchester!

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