5 Raunchy Sex Positions to Try This Christmas (vol. 1)

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas; One way to make this year’s Christmas more fun is by boosting things in the bedroom. With no stress in the picture and plenty of festivities waiting to happen, Christmas is the perfect season to let some excitement into your sexual relationships.

Theme sex games are plenty of fun, so here are 5 sexy scenarios to help you make this Christmas memorable!

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas: Slide It Down!

To get into this position, have your woman lie back on the bed, with her thighs and legs hanging on the side. Position yourself between her legs and for further penetration, let her lift her knees higher. For an extra kick of adrenaline and true ‘sleigh’ feel, do the same position, but this time, with your partner lying face-flat on the bed.

Filling It

Begin on the floor, with your partner on all fours and you behind her. Ease into the pose slowly, thus building the excitement and have your partner lower and stretch her torso on the floor entirely, with her hands extended in front of her. This back-arching posture is not only yoga-friendly but is also an incredible way to stimulate the G-spot and increase the penetration intensity.

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas: The Sitting Bull!

If you care to surrender control, have a nice seat in a chair and allow your partner to straddle you on top. Also, let her dictate the tempo and penetration depth, and in the meantime, pay attention to your proximity and include lots of kisses and caresses. To get an additional shot of adrenaline, do the same position, this time with your partner seated in reverse cowgirl.


For this position, both you and your partner should lie in bed, with you entering her from behind. To boost the pleasure, have her press her thighs together, thus allowing you to experience tightness and resistance during penetration. If you want an extra wave of pleasure, hold your thighs pressed during penetration as well.

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas: Naughty Playtime!

If you have found yourself on the ‘naughty’ list, this position is ideal for you and your partner. Lay on the bed and let your partner come atop of you. Press your legs close together, while your partner spreads hers over yours, thus giving you full access to her clit. For more exhilaration, have your partner rise up thus giving you the chance to thrust upwards as she stays still.

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