5 Raunchy Sex Positions to Try This Christmas (vol. 2)

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas; Greet Christmas in style, in good company, and with lots of sexy fun around! Getting your erotic groove back for holiday season is a great way to spend a relaxed, stimulating and stress-free Christmas.

To set you on the right track, we are continuing our list of top sex positions to try just in time for the holidays. Here are 5 more sex positions to ensure your Christmas is as sexy as you imagined it to be.


Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas: The Rocking Chair!

Instead of actually owning a rocking chair, you can recreate the position with a little help for your partner. Have a seat in the bed and cross your legs, thus allowing the babe to come on top. With your legs pinned, it is up to your partner to rock back and forth, up and down and in circles. Aside from being ultra-intimate, the position is also super effective for an instant orgasm.

The Wall!

Take your partner in your arms and lift her up, with her legs wrapped around your waist. For the best support, press your partner against a wall and begin to move, all the while gripping on your partner’s ass and controlling the thrusts. If you feel shaky, add a chair by the wall, so your partner can support one of her legs on it.

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas: Wide Open!

Here’s how the position works. Take your partner’s ankles and lift them up and against your shoulders, so her ass hangs in the air. Holding her by the butt, this position allows you to have full penetration as well as a full access to her breasts, clitoris, and face.

The Standing Candle!

Easygoing and practical, this sex position is great for a Christmas quickie. While both of you are standing, have your partner bend over and touch the ground with her palms. Take her from behind and rock in the rhythm of passion and lust. If you are feeling braver, lift your partner’s legs in the air, with her hands still remaining on the ground.

Raunchy Sex Positions This Christmas: Get Grounded!

Ideal for lazy Christmas mornings and dull afternoons set a nice blanket or bed cover and face your partner. Next, cross each other’s legs, so that you can easily penetrate her while seated. Proceed with the position this way, or allow yourself to enjoy the experience even more and lay back on the ground, holding hands and sliding back and forth.

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