11 Real Sex Advice Reveal What Women Want in Sex!

Do you care to turn your sex life up a notch? Who better to ask than real women with sex lives just as real as yours? Although no woman thinks of sex the same or wants the same things in sex, there is some universal advice that comes from all women.

If you want to be a better lover for your partner, here are 11 advice on sex from women who know what they want. 

1. Whenever you have sex, wear as little clothes as possible. Yes, you might want to skip to the good stuff, but you don’t want to miss out on that delicious nakedness, do you?

2. If you don’t feel comfortable or good with whatever you are doing, say it. If a position feels off or hurts you, say it. If you want a change of scenery, say it. Whatever bugs you in bed, say it.

3. Forget body image concerns. The woman in your bed knows you are about to get naked and she not only accepts you but wants to be with you for who you are. 

4. Trim your nails regularly. The last thing you want is hurting your woman while caressing or, pardon my French, fingering her.

5. Learn how to create anticipation. All women fall for intensity and anticipation and one of the greatest ways to create them is through well-elaborated foreplay.

6. Don’t keep quiet during sex. No woman wants a silent man, trust me. What is more, women like hearing a man who is loud and is enjoying himself in bed, so don’t hesitate to moan as much as you want. 

7. Keep your sexually aggressive side alive. All women like to be ‘handled’ in bed by a man who knows how to please them, so be that man and show your dominant side. 

8. Instead of just using the top of your tongue, try also including the underside of it. This smoother surface is very pleasurable for women during oral sex and just feels better.

9. If your woman says ‘don’t stop’, it doesn’t mean you need to do it harder. Just listen to her and keep doing what you are doing.

10. Start slow and work your way from there. The speed will come, there is no need to chase after it. Slow is always a better kick-starter.

11. Don’t pretend you know everything. You just don’t, so make sure you learn along the way and enjoy sex, instead of showing off.

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/maria-monrovia/2019/05/15-people-reveal-the-sex-advice-that-spiced-up-their-love-life/

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