Screening a Client: What are an Escort’s Red Alerts?

Escorts love clients who are true gentlemen during their booked date. However, oftentimes, escorts come across clients who are not the best of company and it is all due to poor manners or not enough knowledge about the escort industry. Therefore; screening a client is very important in the world of escorts and comes with various instructions on how to spot a problematic client as early as possible.

Asking for Unoffered Services

One of the first red alerts escorts might deal with is a client who asks for unoffered escort services. All escorts provide clients with bio and service options, usually found online. This way, the client always knows the possibilities when booking a date and the fees, too. When a client asks an escort for a service she hasn’t listed in her portfolio, it is unlikely the escort will agree to provide it. First off, booking through an escort agency means they are the ones processing your booking. So, if you have any special demands; discuss it with your booking agency instead of demanding it from your escort - without her consent.

Negotiating Fees

Again, elite escorts, especially those booked through an escort centre, have their online portfolios where you can read all information on their services; offers, and of course, fees. Price is an important part of booking an escort date, and agencies ensure their clients know their total budget before the date begins. If they agreed to it then, there is no need for the clients to demand a discount from their escorts. Whilst dates offer discounts at times, and to VIP clients, unless they mention it, the fee remains as discussed.

Bad Communication

Some clients have difficulty expressing themselves in front of escorts; or in general, and it can really put a burden on the date. If a client can’t communicate his needs and feelings; the escort will not be able to read his mind nor meet his requests. Also, clients who have boundaries regarding certain aspects of dating should learn how to share those with their escort; so further misunderstanding is avoided.

Partial Information

Just like escorts, escort agencies have their requirements when accepting bookings from clients. Namely, clients need to provide some personal information to book the date; including their ID, home address – if that’s where the date will take place – and a phone number, in case the agency needs to reach out. This information is sensitive and escort centres make it their mission to keep the data protected and safe. Even so, some clients refuse to provide the correct information or at least certain information, which can lead to the booking not being processed at all.

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