Sexy Quotes for This Halloween!

You may know what you’re doing in the bedroom, but did you know there’s probably some Sexy Quotes for it?

Thanks to our general creativity in bed, humans have come up with enriched glossary of known and lesser-known sex terms. Of course, you might be familiar with the good ole’ ‘backdoor’ and ‘creampie’.

However, it is Halloween, and as always, we thought we’d make things a bit more interesting!

If you are ready for some educational Halloween sex lesson which you can immediately put to practice, here are 6 of today’s most popular sex terms!

Sexy Halloween Quotes: Pearl Necklace!

Almost aptly named, a pearl necklace happens when a man ejaculates over a girl’s throat or chest. Of course, the name comes more than welcome, and sounds just about right- not too vulgar, and not too shabby, either.


As a medical term, it is short for cognitive behavioral therapy. When it comes to sex, CBT refers to something else. Masochistic men could already know what’s up, but for those who don’t, CBT also stands for “cock and ball torture”. Now, I’ll leave the specifics to your own imagination, but for those who are into it, CBT is just what the sex doctor ordered!

Sexy Halloween Quotes: Queening!

Queening is basically a much more sophisticated way to say ‘facesitting’. If you are into femdom and punishment, a Queening session with your sex queen will definitely keep you (and your tongue) busy. The key to the perfect Queening? Learn proper breathing techniques and learn how to play nicely.

Edge Play

Edgeplay almost insinuates a more aggressive or hardcore sex play. Still, for those kept out of the loop, edge play is all about kinky sex. When exploring the kinky pleasures, you are consensually allowed to push a certain limit and see where the sensation takes you. For instance, edge play can be anything from choking to whipping and flogging. I think we’ll let you pick your own kink.

Sexy Halloween Quotes: Figging!

No, it has nothing to do with figs. Figging is a sexual act which entails a form of insertion…with a burn to it. For this ‘trick’ you’ll need a piece of ginger, tucked into someone’s anus, and left to cause a burning and almost painful sensation. The sexual excitement about figging is that it goes well with hardcore sex scenarios, but it does require consent from the sufferer.


Can you clean up your mess, please? If you are a tidy man with plenty of desire for the dirty type of pleasures, felching is perfect for you. By definition, felching is ejaculating inside a woman’s body and then sucking your juices out of it. Typically, this ultra-kinky act involves a straw. However, when and if engaging in felching, make sure the hygiene is idyllic, as otherwise, you’re risking STD exposure.


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