12 Non-Sexual Things All Women Find Highly Sexual (vol.1)

Women oftentimes perceive sex differently than men. For the latter, sex is a primal enjoyment through an erotic physical connection, whereas for women, sex can be found in the simplest of gestures. Interestingly, women tend to observe a man’s behavior more often than you might think.

Keen on noticing details, women, therefore, find plenty of sexually attractive things in a man’s gestures, grimaces, and attitude. So lads, if you like to drive your woman crazy for you, here are 6 unsexual things to pull off.

Say My Name

As simple as it may sound, saying a woman’s name will get her all hot for you. Women like to feel valued and important to you, and the more you personalize it, the better the outcome. Next time you’re at home or on a date, skip the wimpy nicknames and get on first-name basis.

Holding Hands

Another incredible way to make your partner more sexually attracted to you is to hold hands-on regular basis. IF you want to make it even more exciting, take her hand in unorthodox places, such as the library, a dark alley and somewhere only you know.

Play Music

Playing an instrument is a real skill to use around the ladies, so don’t hesitate to give your partner a private live guitar show. If you are not much of a singer, create your sexy playlist and create a sexy dancing scenery.

Accidental Touching

Just because you are in a long relationship, you don’t have to cut down on the fun. Bumping into each other, staring at her through the mirror and innocent touching can really be a turn-on for women. Think of it this way- how would you get the girl if this was your only chance to swipe her off her feet?

Get to Work

Staying active, ideally with your shirt off, is a major hotspot to women. Not only do you get something done around the house, you actually get your woman’s attention, too. I mean, aren’t sweaty summer nights just the best??

For You

If you want your partner to perceive you more sexually, buying her gifts can take you there. It doesn’t have to be anything big, either. A bouquet of flowers, nice lingerie or a simple piece of juicy cake can keep the romance and spark alive on a daily basis.  And while you’re there…

Feed Each Other Food

One of the biggest fetishes of women is being fed with delightful foods. From strawberries and whipped cream to ice-cream and sushi, all women enjoy eating food off your fingers. Provocative, sexy and super intimate, this little trick is one for the books.

Source: https://www.bolde.com/10-nonsexual-things-totally-turn-women-on/

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