12 Non-Sexual Things All Women Find Highly Sexual (vol.2)

What makes a woman tick in all the right ways? Is it the way you talk? Is it the way you make her feel special? Believe it or not, sexual attraction for women begins way before the bedroom. In fact, most women respond sexually to simple gestures, like holding hands and sharing food.

Here are 5 more non-sexual things that women find incredibly arousing and provoking.

Wearing His Clothes

Nothing screams sex-appeal quite like seeing your woman dressed in your boxers, hoodie or white office shirt. Not only for you, though, many women feel their best whenever wearing their partner’s clothes, too. Coziness aside, there is something truly erotic about women wearing men’s clothes, so make this saucy kink a daily habit.

Potty Mouth

And we mean this is the cleanest way possible. Dirty talking is one thing, but dropping a curse word here and there can rile up your partner like crazy. Swearing on occasions, and within boundaries is a great turn-on for women and will guarantee you her sassiness later on.

Suit Up

Let’s get serious, is there a woman who doesn’t appreciate a well suited-up man? If your suit game is rusty, it is time you get yourself a brand new gear and get elegant. All women like a man who carries himself well and wears his suit like a second skin. Just to be on the safe side, a black and white three-piece is a full knockout on any day of the week.

Get Bossy

This does not mean to get screaming and ordering around. However, a persuading ‘Come over here’ can send shivers down your woman’s spine, for sure. Also, try something along the lines of ‘Leave that for a second and get your ass over here’ and ‘Hold still, I want to smell you’. You’re welcome.

Tidy Up

A clean house is not only a relief for your partner but also a major plus for your sex life. A tidy man will always be alluring to women, so keep your laundry, wardrobe and the rest of the house in shape. This way, your sex life can get back into shape, as well.


Again, most sexual things stem from the kitchen, so why not treat the babe with a nice pasta dinner and some wine. Tale things slow, pace yourself and don’t forget to be appreciative of her. Another thing that works as well is complimenting her looks and repeating step 7 all over again.

Source: https://www.bolde.com/10-nonsexual-things-totally-turn-women-on/

Source: https://www.bolde.com/10-nonsexual-things-totally-turn-women-on/

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