14 Truths about Sex That No One Will Tell You (vol.2)

Whether we like to think of it that way or not, sex does come with plenty of surprises, both good and not-as-good. Despite what we are told about sex, there are many things people just won’t discuss, whether because of embarrassment or reservation.

However, understanding sex requires a deeper digging into the things that make it both pleasurable and, at times, surprising. That said, here are more secrets that people just don’t tell Truths about Sex.

Truths about Sex: Exercise!

This is one of those things people just never mention- sex can be greater when you exercise. But, if you want to boost your stamina, arousal and performance in bed, hitting the gym or riding a bike can be quite effective.


There’s this thing about the length of sex that always goes unmentioned- sometimes it lasts too dang long. And while sometimes sticking with it can pay off other times it is good to know when to speed things up and add a bit of rhythm to your, khm, activities. 

Truths about Sex: Clitoral Stimulation!

Stimulating the clitoris directly can often be painful or ineffective for your partner. If you want to do this right, it is always best you begin by stimulating the flesh around it, only teasing and flickering the real thing. And if you just have to get in there, a softer motion will be more rewarding for your partner.


Depending on the level of arousal or the position, penetration won’t always feel the same. Sometimes, a position won’t feel as easygoing, even if you tried it a hundred times over. And you know what? That’s quite alright, as you can always readjust and try again.

Truths about Sex: Submission!

If you or your partner are fans of BDSM games or a Sub-Dom scenario, it doesn’t mean you enjoy pain or submission in real life. It doesn’t matter what you like in bad or how rough you want it, sometimes it’s all about playing with control.


There are countless things that can be awkward during sex. From changing positions to someone stepping on someone else’s limb, things won’t always feel right. Still, it is comforting to know that we all go through ups and downs in sex, and honestly, that’s what makes it fun, right?

Truths about Sex: Injuries!

While you might like the riskier side of sex, injuries are a very plausible outcome. And as no one wants a knee in the cojones or a broken nose, it’s always advisable that you are careful. 

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/a6951/nobody-tells-you-about-sex/

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