Getting Hot and Heavy in Unusual Places: How to Make It Happen?

Getting sexy is thrilling as a concept; but when it comes to living on the edge of pleasure, nothing works better than stepping outside the comfort zone and experimenting. When it comes to fantasies, sex in an unusual place can be very exciting and fulfilling. As long as you are up for the challenge and are mindful of your privacy; you can actually pull off quite a steamy rendezvous.

How, when and where to get busy? Read on to find out.

Unusual Can Be Close

Unusual places to get down and dirty don’t always have to be places outside your home or hotel. In fact, in both places, you will find spots never before tested sexually. From your closet; your basement, the car, the kitchen, the tub or the shower, there are many intriguing places to explore your sensuality. Plus, with all useful items found around your home, feel free to include a blindfold or two.

Unusual Can be a Feeling

One way to sexually renovate spaces you’ve tried at home before is to do something new every time. Getting creative in bed can be soothing to your skills, and will give you much room to experiment. BDSM, role-playing, wax, play, toys, take your pick and have the liveliest, most revamped sex of your life.

Unusual Doesn’t Mean Risky

Although the idea of having sex at a seemingly public place; like the park or behind the street corner, having too many people around can blow your cover. The thing with unusual public places is, you want to get sneaky but you don’t have to take it too far. Therefore, give yourself the space to get touchy-feely, without getting physical. It’s a great way to keep the thing charged and intense, and you can even make it an edge play. Get wild but cautiously.

Eyes Open

Cameras are all over town these days, so if looking to rumble somewhere intimate; you have to keep them at bay. Also, spectators can notice your little play, so take a ride to a nearby hill or keep it warm in your car. If you do enjoy role-playing; this can be the perfect way to shield your identity and get a fetish out of it. Whilst at it, switch your vehicle as well and go all spy-adults for the date. Think about it.

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