Why Escorts Offer So Much More than One-Night Stands?

There is plenty to be said about escort dating compared to one-night stands. Let’s begin by saying that many would be under the impression that the two are the same thing, but that is not the case at all. One-night stands seem to be losing points in popularity, as escorts take the world of dating by a storm. 

While one-night stands are a great experience to have, dating an escort is so much more than just one wild night. And even if all you want for the night is to book a steamy babe at a fancy hotel room, there are plenty of ways in which one-night stands differ from escort rendezvous. Here is why our and our clients’ vote goes to escort dating.

Privacy and Discretion

Even if you book an escort date for just one steamy night together, you’ll enjoy maximum privacy while together. The same thing. Unfortunately, can’t be said of one-night stands, so if you are a man who values his low-key dating life, booking an escort date sounds like a more favorable fit. That said, spending an hour or two with your escort doesn’t mean you can’t go out for dinner afterward or grab a drink at a pub. To the contrary, knock yourself out and enjoy the best of both worlds!

No Awkwardness

When you have a one-night stand you always have to think about not being overly emotional, sharing your number, or promising to see each other again. With an escort, however, you can be as free as you want. You can book her again without worrying she’ll take the meaning of your date out of context. You can call her on the phone or spend time in front of the camera. You can see her again whenever you please, or you can book a completely different escort on your date. Neat and sweet.

A Girlfriend Experience

A girlfriend experience is actually a thing in the escort world and it is so much more satisfying than a one-night stand. When you book the girlfriend experience, you date an escort professionally and yet, intimately, doing all things together that standard couples do, with one delightful change. The girlfriend experience is and will always casual, not interfering with your private lifestyle. For instance, you can take your escort to a weekend getaway, or travel with her to an event or a ceremony. Not will you have the best time with her there, but once you are back, you can decide when you’ll see each other next.

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