Why is Booking an Agency Escort a Better Date Option?

Whenever booking an escort date, clients are presented with the option of booking independent escorts and agency-based escorts. Whilst the final decision is the client’s to make; in terms of quality of experience, services, and performance, escort agencies are always the recommended option.

Unlike independent escorting, escort centre-based bookings deliver more organized, professional, and optimized experiences for clients. Even more, here are five main reasons why booking an elite escort company is better done through an escort agency.

Recruitment Process!

In independent escorting, there is no real recruitment process that takes place and therefore, the quality of escorts is lower.

At escort agencies, however, all available-to-book dates are carefully selected through a variety of criteria. Namely, agency-based escorts have to be in perfect health at all times and do necessary medical check-ups.

Moreover, agency escorts have to be both beautiful and smart; tend to their physical appearance and manners, and undergo training suitable for learning the skills of becoming a leading escort.

Agency-booked escorts are also versatile and ensure clients dynamic dates, abundant services, and a customized escort experience.


Escort agencies, unlike independent escorts; pay more attention to their marketing strategies and ensure clients enjoy a better overall service when booking a date. Professional escort centres get busy organising top-notch photo shoots for their escorts and rely on marketing strategists that can emphasize an escort’s special skills; services, and possible package discounts.

Whereas with independent escorts the client’s choice is limited in terms of possibilities and options; escort agencies make it their mission to market their versatile selection of dates with professionalism and class.


Escort agencies will be very careful when matching a client up with an escort and vice versa. In independent escorting, the ladies have no possibility of vetting the client themselves or assure him of their own quality services and skills.

When booking through an escort centre; however, you can rest assured all dates available are handpicked to ensure their clients' maximum discretion as well as pleasure.


Independent escorts usually work in a few chosen locations, but escort agencies allow clients to get versatile with their escort dates and choose one of many available nearby or out-of-city locations.

The same thing applies to international dates - whereas independent escorts are not always able to travel internationally; agency-booked escorts will always meet your halfway and join you for a spectacular holiday or a must-attend business dinner in any metropolitan city.

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