5 Brilliant Tricks to Boost Your Sexual Endurance!

If you are worried about possible premature ejaculation problems, don’t be. Sex science notes that as much as men fear premature ejaculation and sexual stamina issues, most times both conditions are not a result of a medical issue. In some cases, not being able to last longer in bed has to do with your lovemaking style; your sexual creativity, and even emotional wellbeing.

If you want to improve your performance during sex by prolonging your endurance; here are 5 effective tips to help you do just that.

Do the Squeeze!

Whenever you feel an orgasm building; stop for a moment, and squeeze the area right under the head of your penis. By applying steady pressure with your thumb; you will also pressure the urethra, which then suppresses your orgasm from rising to the occasion. The squeeze technique is superb when you want to last in bed and reduce sexual excitement just enough to withhold your climax.

Sexual Endurance, Ladies First!

To hold on to your orgasm for longer, focus on the woman’s climax first. Women oftentimes need more (I do mean more) clitoral stimulation than men; so take the time to please her before you can please yourself. A woman’s orgasm is a great mood and self-confidence booster and can be the proper trigger to help you last longer during sex.

Masturbate before the Big Date!

Sometimes, no matter what you do, premature ejaculation still happens out of the blue. Now, one of the ways to prevent that premature outburst of pleasure is to masturbate beforehand. As odd as it seems, masturbation before having sex will give you enough time to enjoy sex without finishing too soon. As your body went through an orgasm recently; it will need time to call for reinforcements, which you can use for steady, paced lovemaking.

Sexual Endurance, Trust Your Condom!

Bringing protection for your sexy date night is a must; but so is relying on your condom to somewhat delay your premature excitement. Condoms come in thicker and thinner versions, and you should always go for the former. Thicker condoms take away some of the realistic sensations of penetration that can prolong your orgasm- which is exactly what you’re aiming for. Hey-O! 

Anesthetic Wipes!

Interestingly, a 2017 study found that wipes containing small amounts of benzocaine can prolong sexual endurance. Benzocaine represents a mild anesthetic that numbs your penis to an extent; but at the same time, it can numb the lady parts, too. If you don’t mind long sessions of lust; the wipes can be a great addition to your prop collection and if not- you still have four other solutions to consider.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/a19544044/have-sex-for-an-hour/

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