9 Tips for the Most Passionate Escort Date!

Are you prepared to spend the most ravishing and intimate escort date yet? One of the things to love about dating an escort is the services you get to use. Dinner dates, travel dates, overnight stays, and the GFE are among the most popular services clients use, and then, there are personal outcalls.

A personal outcall is basically a scenario where you invite an escort to your home or hotel room in order to spend some quality time together. Already booked your personal outcall? Great, here are 9 tips to help you get intimate in all the right ways & Make Your Escort Date More Passionate. 

Communicate For A Passionate Escort Date!

Whether you like something in bed or don’t, keeping quiet won’t make anything better. On the other hand, complimenting your escort or stating your discomfort when something feels off is the only way to enjoy this kind of pleasure.

Don’t forget foreplay

No, seriously. Foreplay is one of the best ways to indulge your escort and yourself, and the longer you take with it, the more satisfying sex you’ll have. Do we need to give it a timeframe? Okay, don’t settle for anything less than thirty minutes.

Meditate To Make Your Escort Date More Passionate!

Better yet, do a little bit of both before your escort comes over. This will get you in the lovemaking mood and will help shake off excess stress.


Spontaneous sex is great, I know, but be respectful enough to know your escort might not like the same things in bed that you do. To ensure you are agreeable on your bedroom interests, glance up to rule no. 1 again, and ask away.

The Position Makes a Difference!

It’s true, choosing more intimate and comfortable sex positions will always bring you closer to your escort. In addition, you won’t feel awkward about being naked in front of someone you just met.

For A Passionate Escort Date Change the Tempo!

Go wild, then go slow and then go wild again. Changing the tempo during sex is a great way to create dynamics between yourself and your escort date. This way, you will be versatile and thorough in your bedroom game, and chances are, she’ll love it.

Careful with the sensitive spots!

When booking a professional escort date, you don’t want to treat her as a service, but rather a woman who also enjoys being aroused. That said, when stimulating the nipples or going down under, being elaborate will always work better than being clumsy and rough. 

Let Her Lead!

Escorts are professional daters, and as such, they know how to make your night together memorable and super-sexy. If you are feeling comfortable taking charge or too nervous to initiate, let your date lead you. Hot, I know.

Bring Toys and Props To Make Your Escort Date More Passionate!

Although you can ask your escort to come prepared for your raunchy hotel room date, you should cover protection and props. In other words, always make sure you have a few condoms on you, and be the one who brings the toys. Come on now, that’s quite the gentleman thing to do.

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