8 Staggering Benefits of Morning Sex!

Sexual intercourse is a healthy and beneficial practice as it is, but it turns out that morning sex has its fair share of benefits, too. Morning sex, according to experts in the field, gives your mind a great clarity and fulfillment while your physical needs are also taken care of.

As Sexual intercourse makes an essential part of your overall wellbeing and vitality, here are 8 exceptional benefits of having it in the morning. 

Your Body Is Ready for Morning Sex!

In the morning, your brain is rejuvenated and your body rested, which means both are prepared for sexual pleasure. During sleep, the body releases testosterone, which has its peak in the early hours. The earlier you have sex in the day, the higher your libido will be.

You’ll Last Longer!

A higher level of testosterone first thing of the day means a higher drive and better sex life. A 2007 study suggested that higher testosterone levels will then give you a harder erection and more endurance during intercourse. 

Morning Sex Releasees Oxytocin Levels!

Thanks to morning sex, your body will enjoy a nice release of oxytocin, also referred to as the ‘cuddle hormone’. As an essential hormone, oxytocin will help you build a higher intimacy during sex and improve bonding.

Stress Relief!

To eliminate any source of stress in the mornings, have sex. A 2010 study found that pleasurable activities, much like sex, diminish the levels of stress hormones. This means you will not only start the day on a happier note but a more pleasurable one as well.

Morning Sex Helps Brain Vitality!

Sexual intercourse in the morning gives your boost an instant charge of power. Numerous studies in the fields insist that the brain largely depends on dopamine- your feel-good hormone- and the same is released when you have sex.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that morning sex is a fine exercise. Instead of stretching or doing cardio, take an extra hour in the morning to cuddle, make love, and gather all perks Sexual intercourse can offer.

Immunity Boost With Morning Sex!

Sexual intercourse does wonders for your immunity. Scientifically, morning sex can encourage your immune system and make it stronger in the fight against bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Anti-Age Effects!

If you had a rough night of little to no sleep, sex in the morning can help you rejuvenate. Sex is also called the fountain of youth, and as it boosts the production of beta-endorphins and oxytocin, it can erase any signs of tiredness and aging.

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