7 Sexy Traits All Women are Looking for in a Man!

What separates an average lover from a superb one?

Sure, having sex is like learning to ride a bicycle- once you get the hang of it you are ready to go to action. However, mechanics aside, there are many sexy traits a superb lover should possess when inviting a woman in his.


Here are the 7 sexiest traits that separate a sex god from your Average Joe.


The creative lover always knows a few extra moves than what women have already seen. He is resourceful, well-educated on sex and pleasure, and never lets his woman get bored in bed. Creativity during sex is essential if you want to keep your love affairs fulfilling and fresh, and if you don’t have it, you better get inspired and let your imagination flow.   

Sexy Traits: Fearlessness!

A fearless sex partner is always rich in suggestions and is not afraid to do something out of the ordinary. That said, being fearless in bed won’t leave your woman feeling frustrated because, say, you didn’t want to fulfill a fantasy of hers. Creativity and boldness make a good match for your trysts and will get you further than your prejudices will. 

Sexy Traits: Stamina!

How long can you keep the sex going? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that women appreciate sexual power and endurance in men. Long story short, women need more than mere minutes to orgasm, so you better get your stamina in order and rise to the challenge.


Detailed lovers always know what their woman needs without having to ask. They are attentive in bed and know how to stimulate their partner, and most of all, they can tell if a woman is enjoying their performance.

Sexy Traits: Playfulness!

Cheekiness is a very important trait to adopt if you want to make sex fun. Being playful in bed means you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you can make the most of any situation.


Ah, who doesn’t love a sexually generous man? For all the pleasure you receive, you should give twice as much in return. Trust me, this seemingly simple trait will have your woman coming back for more.

Sexy Traits: Lustfulness!

A passionate lover will never fail to impress a woman in bed. Whether it is dirty talking, suave touching, or worshiping a woman all around, letting your lust show in bed is the sex quality to boast.

Source: https://www.askmen.com/top_10/dating/become-a-sex-god.html

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